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Formula 1 Driving Experiences

Formula 1: Everything you need to know

Aged 17 or over? Nuts about racing cars? Bored of driving safely, parallel parking and driving your gran to the shops all the time?

These single seater driving experiences are the real deal. Take an F1-style car for a spin around one of the most famous motor racing circuits in the UK: there’s no better way to fully immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of motor racing.

After a safety briefing and advice on not-driving-into-stuff, you’ll put pedal to the metal, burn some rubber and fulfil many other cliches too. Spectators are free to attend and gawp as you whizz around your chosen motor racing circuit, free of any pesky instructors or back-seat drivers. Some single seater F1 experiences include a bonus training lap in a BMW M3, and available venues include Thruxton, Brands Hatch and Silverstone.

We do spoil you, don’t we? Please note: at some locations, you’ll need to be 18 or over, as you’ll need to have held your licence for a year: check the exciting T&Cs for details before you purchase your voucher. Buy today and book your chosen date for the experience when you’re ready to redeem.

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Q: What the heckings is a single seater? A Nissan Cherry that’s had all its chairs nicked?
A: No and I resent the remark. A single seater is just about as close you are going to get to an actual Formula 1 racing car.
Q: How is it the same/different?
A: It’s an open-wheel car so it’s similar in look, feel and handling to a F1 car, but lacks the wings that allows Formula 1 vehicles to handle the track so well. This design process is also applied to ladies sanitary products.
Q: But wait, if there’s only one seat, where does the instructor go? You can’t allow me to go out there alone! You can’t!
A: Please stop shouting. With most of our single seater experiences, you’ll be fully tutored on the ins and outs of the car before heading out onto the track with a pace car for assistance. You may also try a few laps in a saloon car to get a feel of the circuit.
Q: I’m not allowed into the county of Dorset for reasons I can’t go into, is that problematic?
A: These experiences take place at locations up and down the country, some at classic racing venues such as Brands Hatch and Silverstone.
Q: Can I pretend to be Emerald Garibaldi?
A: We think you might be thinking of Emerson Fittipaldi? Yes, you can pretend to be whoever you like as long as you are over 17 and have held a full UK driver’s licence for over a year. You’ll need to bring this along on the day.
Q: Should I bring my own helmet? I’ve got a nice one.
A: That won’t be necessary, just make sure you wear flat, narrow soled shoes, long sleeved shirt and trousers. And you may be outside, so dress appropriately for that.
Q: Can I bring my friend Duncan?
A: Spectators are welcome at most circuits, just double check beforehand. Occasionally certain locations have an age limit for visitors or may charge an entrance fee, but not usually.
Q: Will I go faster than say an owl or a fast canoe?
A: We are not sure how quickly those things travel or why you chose them, but yes, you will be going very fast indeed.

Fun Facts

1: Single seater cars, like Formula 1 racing cars, are ‘open-wheeled’ or have their wheels outside the main body of the vehicle, rather than regular cars that have wheels below the body or fenders, which I think is just stupid and lame.
2: Most single seaters have the engine behind the driver, powering the rear wheels. The front wheels, there mainly for ballast, are commonly known as ‘Cleggs’. Or at least they are in my house.
3: It’s hard to know the speed of the fastest F1 as they don’t contain speedometers in the cockpit, possibly because drivers think the lights and noise attract insects into the vehicles.
4: Seven-time champion Michael Schumacher holds the record for the most Formula 1 championships, while his 91 wins, 155 podium finishes and 68 pole positions are also considered quite good. Schumacher managed to achieve all this despite his rumoured crippling fear of podiums.
5: Though Formula 1 is the best known single seater racing variety, there are many others including Formula 4 and Formula Libre. Though I would like to see Formula Nancy (for people called Nancy) and Formula Nutz, the only car race exclusively for squirrels!
6: The first Formula 1 world championship race was held at Silverstone in 1950. It was won by a man who almost certainly had a moustache.
7: Due to the lone seat in the vehicle, single seat racing drivers often get very lonely. I hope they combat this by making small talk to the pit crew on their team radio, along the lines of ‘how’s it going?’ and ‘where’s Susie?’
8: The fastest ever wheel change during a Formula 1 race is 2.31 seconds, conducted on Jenson Button’s car during the German Grand Prix. Sadly it was reported Jenson missed that whole thing as he was away filming an advert for Virgin Media, but this has yet to be confirmed.