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Go Karting & Buggy Experiences

Go Karting & Buggies: Everything you need to know

Go for an altogether different driving thrill with our go karting, skidding, Rage Buggy and stunt driving sessions. You’ve never had a driving experience like this before!

Go solo and pit your go karting skills against your fellow participants, or wage war against a pal with a go kart tournament for two. Upgrade to a Rage Buggy at Silverstone for two exhilarating sessions in one of these powerful rear-wheel drive mini marvels: Rage Buggy sessions are also available for teens.

For practical road safety driving, choose a skidding course (oi, stop laughing at the back) and your expert tutor will give you tips and techniques to control a full-size car in some of the most extreme conditions imaginable. Action-packed skidding lessons (sssh) will prepare you for tough winter driving conditions, including black ice and snow, helping you to bring a vehicle under your control as quickly as possible.

If that sounds a bit serious, our stunt driving day should be just the ticket. Learn car chase moves in vehicles with two engines and cars that fire cool lasers! A qualified instructor (commonly known as ‘a clown’, probably) will introduce you to the most impractical vehicles ever built.

On the menu


Q: Go Karting! Wait is it Go Karting or Go Karting, which should I emphasise?
A: We don’t mind at all, as long as you dive into one of these super fun, super fast, low to the ground mighty, mini machines.
Q: You say fun, but is it really fun?
A: It is exceptional fun as you rapidly take corners and fly down the straights on specially designed courses, built to get the most out of your kart. It really is the purest form of driving. With all karts the same, you’ll have to use all your driving skills and moves to conquer.
Q: And describe all the karts to me in painful detail.
A: The vehicles may vary from location to location, but a good indicator are the 390cc Pro Karts which reach a top speed of 70MPH. There may be different karts in different places that may not hit speeds like that, but all are guaranteed fun, fun, fun!
Q: I am now growing ever more excited, how long can it possibly last?
A: It depends on where you are but you can expect to be at the venue for around 1-2 hours and be on the track for approximately 30 minutes. But, like I said, and now repeat, it depends on the location and the sort of experience you go for. There are way longer ones if you wish to go complete karting crazy.
Q: And will I have to travel further than 11,000 kilometres?
A: What? We don’t know, because we’re not sure where you currently are. But we have karting experience days on tracks up and down the UK, so you are sure to find one near you.
Q: What about Len?
A: Erm... what about Len?
Q: Well Len would love this, can he come?
A: Certainly, we have go karting experiences for two people, so you can bring a friend and then take to the track in a battle royale of speed and agility.
Q: Do I have to take some sort of test before I enter the track? And if so, is it available online?
A: There will be no test, but there may be age restrictions which vary between locations, but usually the minimum age is around 16 years. There may also be height and weight restrictions and you should be in reasonable health to take part. Check the small print on your experience if you are unsure, or just contact our good selves or your supplier.

Fun Facts

1: Art Ingels is considered the ‘founding father of Karting’, having built his first kart in 1956 at his Southern California home. Well, perhaps not IN his home, probably in the garage. And even then we hope he put some paper down.
2: Some ‘superkarts’ can reach speeds of up to 160MPH. Which is about as quickly as I move towards the remote control whenever New Tricks comes on the telly.
3: The first engines built for go karts were derived from 2-stroke chainsaw engines. Though if you’ve had any sort of stroke at all we advise you not to go anywhere near either go-karts or chainsaws.
4: Go karts have no real suspension and rely on their metal tubing chassis to provide flexibility. Which is why, people riding in go-karts make a noise like ‘erg-ger-ger-ger-ger-erg-ger-ger-ger’.
5: There is a 24 hour endurance karting race which takes place at the kart circuit Alain Prost at Le Mans, France. I know, I had the same thought as you, what about going to the toilet? I’ve looked everywhere, I simply can’t find the answer to that.
6: Many Formula One drivers started out racing karts, including Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, Fernando Alonso, Kimi Räikkönen, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Though don’t immediately travel from the go-kart track to McLaren headquarters and ask for a contract and a car. Take it from me, they do not enjoy that.
7: The Guinness Book of World Records ranked the original Super Mario Kart as number one on the list of top 50 console games based on impact and lasting legacy. Bottom of the list was my favourite imaginary console game: ‘Mary Berry’s Complex Baking Challenge: Piping Edition’ for the Xbox.
8: You might think it’s crazy that your kart doesn’t have a seatbelt, but this was a deliberate safety feature, as the driver would be thrown clear from the vehicle if a crash occurred. I think the lesson to be learned from that is DON’T CRASH.
9: The Kart Kountry track in Kentucky USA is, at 1.5 miles, currently the world's longest go-kart circuit. And it probably holds the record for most unnecessary K’s used in the name of a karting track also.