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Go Karting Experience For Two

Get down, down, down. Down near the tarmac and challenge a pal to a Go Kart tournament.
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  • Enjoy a Go Kart racing duel.
  • Race head to head with a friend.
  • Take some practice laps then begin the race.
  • Choose from a variety of locations.

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No matter how mellow and Katie Melua loving you are, bring out your fearsome competitive streak with a Go Kart day for two.

Go Karts were originally designed to transport conscientious objectors to wartime prison camps. But we’ve come a long way since those dark days – now Go Karts are shorthand for fun!

Throughout the UK, you can pick the course of your choice. Probably best to pick one that is close to where you live, rather than one that apparently sits on a lay line or near some ancient standing stones. But really it’s up to you.

Then once on site the gloves are off. Or rather they are on as gloves are part of the safety equipment, as are helmets and race suits. But metaphorically the gloves are off as you challenge your companion with the traditional cry ‘I challenge you to a Go Kart race’.

Then you’ll be off, swerving, meandering and going as fast as possible in a singular direction. You will try to defeat your opponent and present yourself with a small trophy that you brought along and hid in your glove compartment within a small plastic bag.

Beat your mate good and proper in the gladiatorial arena that is… the Go Kart track.
What happens on the day?
The plan changes depending on where you are Go Karting, but usually you will arrive at the venue and receive full kart and safety instruction, before being kitted out in race suit, helmet and gloves and a fixed expression of determination. Then follows a series of practice laps to familiarise yourself with the course, before you take to the track to see how good you really are, challenging your pal to a Go Kart duel. As a guide you should expect to be at the venue for around two hours – the length of a decent Midsomer Murders.....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 10 months. You are free to choose your preferred location on booking. Age restrictions vary between locations, but generally the minimum age is around 16 years. Height restrictions vary between locations but generally the minimum height is around 5’ and the maximum height is around 6’4”. You should be in reasonable health. Please note the availability of the Kent location is Monday to Friday only.