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Quad Bike Experience Days

Everyone knows bikes with two wheels are really boring. They’re all flimsy handlebars and daft spokes and that. Yes, a real bike has an engine and truly massive wheels! Rejoice, for your days of racing a quad bike round your local housing estate are finally over: simply grab a quad bike experience voucher from Wish and take to the track.

Our quad bike sessions include full training and safety instruction before you hit the tarmac and try out a specially designed training circuit. You can then try a little off-road driving and perhaps ride around the woods, depending on the venue you choose. Just remember to drive between the woody bits. Add a little thinly-veiled aggression and pick up a voucher for two: a little banter and foolish showing-off usually makes quad bike experiences more fun.

For the young ones (and by that we mean kids, not Ade Edmonson and Rik Mayall), there’s a special junior voucher that promises equal amounts of fun on a slightly smaller scale. Different courses are available depending on your child’s ability. The minimum age for most locations is 12, although some tracks are suitable for kids aged 8 and up. Gulp!


Q: So I bike with quadraphonic surround-sound speakers or...
A: No you silly goose, a quad bike is an all-terrain vehicle with wheels, a single seat and handlebars designed to tackle all sorts of difficult environments. Used on farms and in wilderness locations, they are also insanely fun to drive just for kicks. It’s like a motorbike with four wheels, so you can’t fall over..
Q: Sounds peachy, where can I go on it?
A: We have a number of excellent off road circuits up and down the UK, featuring trying woodland courses and other tricky driving delights, such as woods, orchards, fields, mud, puddles, troughs, gullies and their ilk.
Q: So I might become a bit mucky?
A: Yes, safety equipment will be provided, but please wear comfortable casual clothing and trainers that you don’t mind getting dirty. And there might be an element of dampness, so take a change of clothing for the journey home.
Q: Is it safe? Because Ozzy Osbourne...
A: Completely, a full safety briefing and expert tuition will be provided. Your instructors will never be far away, so if you comply to all the safety stipulations, you should be fine. You may also be assessed on your ability before you set out. .
Q: Do I need a driving licence, because there was a bit of bother with...
A: We don’t need to hear it. No licence is required and the minimum age for taking part is 12 years old, though this may vary from location to location, so always check the small print on your experience or contact us or the supplier with any doubts. We even have a junior quad biking experience for ages as wee as 6 years old in some places. Imagine that if you dare!
Q: I am a giant of a human, really quite enormous and have featured as a baddie in a Bond film and also on an episode of Record Breakers. Thoughts?
A: The maximum size and weight limitations vary with the location but if you think your physique may impair your enjoyment of this activity in any way, please check with the supplier before booking. Even if it’s because of the sheer gorgeousness of it.
Q: Would it help to learn the theme tune to classic motorcycling game show Kick Start before attending?
A: Oh yes, I know the one you mean, ‘ber-ber-ber-baba-bap-bap-babba-ber’. No.
Q: And can I bring some well-wishers?
A: We have a quad bike thrill for two, so you can either lend each other moral support, or battle against each other in the wilderness. It’s completely up to you but the battling sounds rather more fun.
Q: I’ll probably do the first one.
A: Thought you might.

Fun Facts

1: The Royal Enfield Company built and sold the first powered ‘quadracycle’ way back in 1893. We’d like to think it was used by Queen Victoria to round up her many children.
2: Though Honda started making Quad Bikes in the 1970’s, it was Suzuki who became the leaders in All-Terrain Vehicle innovation, releasing the QuadRunner LT125 in 1982. Which, because it was the early 1980’s, almost certainly featured a soft-rock soundtrack by Berlin.
3: Matt Coulter performed the longest jump on a quad bike, jumping 134 feet over 14 Honda CRVs in 2000. A famous Australian stuntman, Coulter is known as The Kangaroo Kid, which is factually inaccurate as young kangaroos are called joeys not kids. Everyone knows that.
4: Jon Geutter was the first person to successfully perform a back flip on a four wheeled bike. Or, I imagine, the first to perform one on purpose.
5: In 1961, fast car driver Stirling Moss was banned from driving for a year for after being caught speeding in a Mini. That must have been a fun conversation with the police ‘Who do you think you are Stirling Moss?’ ‘Well yes actually’ ‘Oh dear, not very bright are we sir?’
6: A Honda ATV features in the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever. And now you’ll have that song stuck in your head all day.
7: Quad bikes are known as ‘forbys’ in Australia, where they seem to have a cute name for everything. Stamps are probably called ‘stick-ums’. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.
8: Quad bike racing is now a popular sport, with both scrambling and enduro varieties and there is now an ATV class in the famous Dakar Rally, which has been dominated in recent years by Argentine riders. There is no evidence that Maradona takes part in these events, though I bet he’d look really great on a quad bike