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Quad Bike Experience For Two

You and a pal can get extreme as you quad bike together in an off road situation.
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6 Locations
  • Take a friend quad biking.
  • Share the fun of off road biking.
  • Race each other on a variety of tracks.

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What is the ultimate expression of love? In the particularly odd culture I grew up in, it’s quad biking together. So my elders would be delighted at this dual off roading experience.

You and a friend, lover or former birthing partner can experience these tenacious four wheeled marvels, designed to chew up and spit out any terrain. After being briefed thoroughly of safety measures, you’ll head out and meet your new bikey companion.

Then the two of you will get to grips with the mysteries of the quad bike. Designed to deal with the roughest environments, you’ll take a few turns around the circuit, just so you work out which bits do what. After getting familiar with the controls it’s time for the main event.

Yes, you’ll both leave the course and head to a small cinema where you’ll watch the 1979 Barbra Streisand vehicle The Main Event, also starring Ryan O’Neal. No, don’t be crazy, of course not. You’ll head out to the more challenging quad bike course, filled with bumps, jumps, slops and ditches. The finest Norwegian ditches have been shipped in especially for you.

You might even be able to go off road completely (in some venues) and really put this hot-wheeled donkey through its paces. Woodland, scrub, verges, all will bow before you and your partner as you roar through the undergrowth laughing and sneering.

What could be more fun than heading out with your bestest chum and fiercely quad biking to the point of euphoria? Absolutely nothing.
What happens on the day?
Head out to the quad bike place with your friend, perhaps sharing a car, perhaps arriving separately, where you’ll be met with a safety talk - all participants get a mandatory equipment instruction and safety briefing, so don’t feel special. Then you will spend some time racing around the rugged circuit tracks and, depending on venue, may head off for some exhilarating off-roading and everything! The duration of your experience will be between 1hr and 1hr and a half depending on which venue you choose. ....
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Terms & Conditions
Your voucher covers two people and is valid for 10 months. Please note that at the itinerary varies according to venue and you may not be driving in the woodlands. Minimum age for this experience is 16. Maximum weight may vary please check with your chosen location. The conditions might be muddy, so bring some boots or other sturdy footwear and wear suitable clothes. It's a good idea to bring a change of clothes for your journey home. Generally a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice is required for bookings, all available dates are preselected by the venues. Please note that this experience runs all year round except for Swansea and Lincolnshire which are closed between October and March.