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Segway Rally: Everything you need to know

What’s the best way to seg? On a Segway of course! And you can master this two-wheeled wonder with this Segway rally course experience.

For those who have been living under a rock with no Segways, Segways are the two-wheeled environmentally friendly, electric vehicles you drive standing up. A bit like a car. But two-wheeled and electric and you drive it standing up.

On your Segway rally day, you’ll be kitted out in full safety gear (helmet, goggle, shin-protectors, kidney-guards) and instructed on how to tame this two-wheeled beast. You’ll learn it’s all in the leaning. Lean forward to do one thing and lean the other way to go elsewhere. And then it’s time to hit the road.

You and a group of other Segway nuts will head out for an excursion around the local area. Imagine that! The look on people’s faces. The local vicar will rub his eyes with wonder. An old dowager will drop their monocle into a glass of Stella. And the area’s witchdoctor will offer an incantation to the great goat-god above.

Then for the final countdown! You take to the specially designed Segway rally course and attempt to navigate the various bumps and turns. By then you’ll be a Segway natural and soon will be looping the loop, moon-walking and hanging in the air Matrix style. It’ll be fun, fun, fun.

Speed freaks and people who like standing and moving will rejoice at this unique, exhilarating Segway adventure.

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Q: What the goodness gracious is a Segway?
A: A Segway is a self-propelled vehicle with two wheels that runs on pure magic. Well, kind of. It runs on rechargeable batteries, which is kind of magic. The driver controls the direction of the Segway by leaning back and forth and tilting the handle left and right to steer. .
Q: But how quickly can I go, if I really push it?
A: If you really push it, you can hit 12 mph on one of these babies! We have transformed the Segway into a mean, lean rally driving machine.
Q: Can I race against friends?
A: That’s what rally means, right? Yes, you can buy multiple vouchers or a two-person voucher and challenge friends to a rally extravaganza. If there’s more than four of you, we have a VIP group booking service to help you select a suitable date and location.
Q: Where will we be riding?
A: Segway rallies are 100% off-road experiences. Although Segways are easy to master, the courses are moderately demanding as you’ll be standing up and leaning backwards and forwards to control the vehicle.
Q: Should I bring my self-inflating fanny pack air-bag safety device?
A: No need, we will kit you out in all the safety gear required, like a helmet and knee pads and so forth.
Q: Am I required to be a certain age?
A: At some of our locations you and your spectators will need to be over 17. At others there is no minimum age. Check the information on the description page or just ask us if you’re not sure.
Q: I have a condition known as ‘Septic Leg’, will this be a hindrance?
A: Possibly so. This experience isn't suitable for anyone who is pregnant, or anyone who suffers from epilepsy or heart disease - if you have any medical conditions, please mention them to the operator when you book.
Q: How long will I be Segwaying for?
A: All quite depends on which experience you take on. Usually they last about an hour, but they are a variety of fun times to be had.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The name Segway is a homophone of the word segue, meaning smooth transition. As in the sentence ‘I am going to segue from talking about owls to talking about my beermat collection...wait...where are you going?’
  • 2. South Park satirized the hype surrounding the Segway prior to its release in the episode The Entity, where Mr Garrison invents a gyroscope-powered monowheeled vehicle. And then Kenny died, I imagine.
  • 3. There was so much hype surrounding the release of the Segway that Steve Jobs was quoted as saying that, it would be ‘as big a deal as the PC’, while John Doerr speculated that it would be more important than the Internet. And they might be right, I still have my doubts about this internet thing.
  • 4. The inventor of the Segway, Dean Kamen, lives in a hexagonal, shed style mansion he dubbed Westwind. Why not HexoShed? That’s a much better name.
  • 5. With a top speed of 12.5mph, a Segway can outpace a squirrel, which at full tilt only reaches 12mph. Though are much better at hiding nuts.
  • 6. George W Bush was filmed falling off a Segway at his family’s estate in Maine in 2003. Which is surely all the inducement you need to get on one.
  • 7. Celebrity owners of the Segway include Jackie Chan, Helen Mirren and Lembit Opik. Not all at the same time. They haven’t formed a ‘Travelling Segway Circus’ or something. Though that would be amazing.
  • 8. There are about 80,000 Segways in circulation around the world, needing 160,000 knee pads and 80,000 Segway helmets.
  • 9. Hunter Weeks and Josh Caldwell travelled from Seattle to Boston on Segways. The journey took 100 days and is immortalized in the film entitled 10MPH. But as we learnt earlier, the top speed is 12MPH. If only they’d known that they could have done it a bit quicker.
  • 10. On the sit-com Arrested Development, the character of Gob, played by Will Arnett, travels everywhere by Segway. With hilarious consequences, obvs.