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Segway Rally For Two

Pit yourself against a friend in the ultimate battle royale - the Segway rally.
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How many?
  • Enjoy racing on a Segway for 60 Minutes.
  • Challenge a friend to the rally course.
  • Benefit from full Segway tuition.
  • 15 locations in the UK.
Once upon a time, two people seeking to right a wrong were forced to duel on the field of honour. Now they get to Segway rally in a field.

But the same feeling of satisfaction abides. If you need to settle a score, put a dispute to bed or to simply prove a point, there’s no better way than on a Segway.

These two-wheeled balance friendly mechanical scooters have taken the ‘not quite a bike and definitely not a car’ world by storm. They’re easy and fun to drive and have incredible maneuverability. So ideal for the taxing rally conditions that you will encounter.

On your Segway Rally day, the two of you will be registered and given the required safety kit to ensure safety. Then you’ll be shown how to move the thing without ending up in a bush, hedge or privet. Once you’ve got all that under control, there will be a friendly ride through the local area with other Segwayers, so you’ll master the beast.

Then it’s out onto the rally course in turn, to see who can handle the bumps, ridges, troughs and puddles the best. Perhaps you’ll get cocky and wheelspin a load of mud into your opponent’s face. Or you might just fall off and fly into a nearby barn and then all straw and chickens will come out and you’ll get angry and shake your fist at the sky.

Plus there will be a group photo at the end to commemorate this amazing day. Don’t miss it! Get on this great Segway Rally driving experience for two.
What happens on the day?
Start off Segway day with registration, where you'll each receive the kit you'll need safely to command your Segway, before receiving a briefing and training session, all with a capital FUN. Once you've got to grips with the basic principles, you'll be taken for a group familiarity excursion, where you'll see the local area, meet some local characters (like Old Charlie) and gain confidence piloting your Segway. Finally, it's time for the main event, as you take to the circuit in turn and find out how good you really are on the Segway rally course! This experience will last for around an hour but you should allow 90 minutes, just in case you get trapped somewhere for half an hour. ....
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Terms & Conditions
Your voucher is valid for 10 months for two people. This experience is available Monday to Friday. Minimum height for this experience is 134cm. Maximum weight is 120kg (18.5 stone). Minimum weight is 45kg (7.1 stone). This experience is not suitable for those who are pregnant or those who suffer from medical conditions such as epilepsy or heart disease. You will not be permitted to ride if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All dates are subject to availability. You are advised to book at least six weeks in advance. You may upgrade to a Segway Adventure for a surcharge of £5 per person. Spectators may be welcome, please enquire when booking