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Stunt Driving and Skidding: Everything you need to know

Learn to chuck a car around in some of the most extreme conditions with our skidding and stunt driving experiences. Our skidding lessons and challenges will test you to the max as you learn to re-gain control of a car that’s totally out of control (man).

Various special surfaces and custom made wheely frame things will literally lift your car off the surface, allow it to free-wheel. Skidding lessons could be the ultimate driving challenge: would you know what to do in such a dangerous situation? After you learn how to manage a skid, you’ll be much better prepared for driving in harsh winter conditions, and you’ll be able to react calmly if the worst happens.

But OK, all this safety stuff can be a little dry. If stunt driving sounds like a lark, we have the antidote to road skidding training: stunt driving sessions that will teach you moves you’ll never use in some very unusual vehicles that you’ll never drive anywhere else. Two engines? Two steering wheels? Lasers? One car on top of the other? Pah, no problem!

No driving licence is necessary for the stunt driving experience, and it’s available for anyone aged 16 or over.

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Q: Many people have told me I look like a stunt man, is this the experience for me?
A: Of course! We have a wide range of stunt driving activities on offer including skid control, car chases, wheelie pulling, handbrake turns and drifting.
Q: Drifting? Like I pretend to be in popular harmonising group The Drifters?
A: No the special stunty driving technique that racing drivers and rallying types employ, where you speedily slide in and out of corners and turns.
Q: Do I bring my own car?
A: Not for drifting, we have a specially adapted Mazda MK2 MX-5 1.8S for that (or something similar, depending on location). All our stunt experiences have pre-prepared vehicles, perfect for the crazy japes you are about to embark on, so you can keep your Skoda in the garage.
Q: Will I be kept in safety?
A: Yes, it’s all very safe. You’ll be fully briefed by our expert stunt drivers and shown around the vehicle before you go off stunting in it. All safety equipment will be provided by them. As long as you don’t ignore their advice and go berserk, you should be fine. .
Q: What do I need to possess?
A: For most of our stunt driving experiences, you will need a full UK driving licence that you bring along on the day (the actual one, no copies or facsimiles). There may also be an age limit of 17 or above. But it depends where you are and what you are doing, so check the details of your experience carefully or just contact us or the supplier with any questions.
Q: How long will I be stunting one off?
A: Again it depends on where you are and what you are doing. We have extended stunt driving experiences that last all the live-long day, while elsewhere there are ‘taster’ events where you get a 15 minute adrenaline blast of hot driving action. The stunts you indulge in vary depending on the experience you purchased, so take a look at our full range and pick the one perfect for you.
Q: Should I wear my own handmade facsimile of what I think the Bionic Man wore in the show The Fall Guy, except I haven’t yet seen it because I’ve got a tape of Pipkins stuck in the tape machine?
A: Just wear a long sleeved shirt, long trousers and narrow soled shoes. And safety equipment will be provided on the day. In case we have a drizzle, bring a waterproof jacket or something similar.
Q: I’m built like Geoff Capes, is that an issue?
A: There may be minimum and maximum height and weight requirements at the experience you choose, so check the small print before purchasing or get in touch with the supplier to ask. You’ll be involved in some fairly intense physical activity (like moving the steering wheel), so you need to be in decent shape fitness wise.
Q: Fair enough, right, where should I asked to be dropped off?
A: These events occur all up and down the UK, with some taking place at amazing famous race circuits like Silverstone! And don’t forget, if stunt driving gives you the extreme vehicle bug, we also have truck driving, tanks, monster trucks, dragsters and even a motorised sofa if you fancy it!

Fun Facts

  • 1. The amazing car chase scene in The French Connection was considered so dangerous that no cameramen would attempt it, so director William Friedkin had himself strapped into the stunt car to do the filming himself. There are no reports of actor Anton Rodgers being strapped into anything during the filming of sitcom French Fields. Which is a disappointment.
  • 2. Top Gear’s famous secret racing driver The Stig was originally to be called ‘The Gimp’ by producers, until the first Stig objected to that name. Though I imagine that may have been a ruse to get him to accept a stupid name like ‘Stig’.
  • 3. To get the part of Bo in the stunt heavy Dukes of Hazzard TV show, actor John Schneider claimed to be a graduate of the Georgia School of High Performance Driving, which didn’t actually exist. Does that mean Boss Hogg didn’t exist either? The world is crumbling around my ears.
  • 4. Experts claim that it is better for stunt drivers to be shorter than 6 feet tall, as taller stunt performers tend to hit their head on the vehicle’s roof during a crash or jump. Have they not heard of a sun roof? Just open the sun roof, that’ll fix it. Do I have to think of everything around here?
  • 5. In 2010 Travis Pastrana successfully broke the world record for longest jump made in a rally car when he drove off California’s Pine Street Pier travelling an astonishing 269 feet (82 m). When asked how he felt, he said “rally, rally good” (possibly).
  • 6. Top stunt driver Terry Grant claims that the Lamborghini Gallardo is the best possible car to perform stunts in, thanks to its power and control. Though you’re not going to be doing any stunts in our Gallardos, so don’t get any ideas.
  • 7. Prior to the filming of the first Fast and the Furious movie, neither Jordana Brewster nor Michelle Rodriguez had a license, so they had to take driving lessons during production. I’ll presume there was more emphasis on ‘flying through shop windows while on fire’ rather than parallel parking or 3-point turns.
  • 8. During the famous car chase scene in the film Bullitt you can identify who is driving by the position of the Mustang’s rear view mirror. When the mirror is seen up, Steve McQueen is behind the wheel; when it is down Stuntman Bud Ekins is driving. When there is no rear view mirror at all, you might be watching Free Willy by mistake.
  • 9. ‘Skiing’ is the term for the driving stunt where the car is driven while balanced only on two wheels, as seen in many Bond films and episodes of Knight Rider. Sadly such a stunt never appeared in any episodes of Tenko, which is a shame as it would have really perked it up.
  • 10. In 2008, a Chinese stuntman named Liu Suozhu successfully drove his car across the Miluo River in China while balancing the vehicle on two steel cables in a sort of car tightrope walk. He was tense throughout the stunt, but then he is known for being quite highly strung.