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Ariel Atom Driving Experiences

Whizz round your favourite motor racing circuit at break neck speed in the Ariel Atom, a performance car that’s styled on a single seater but accommodates driver and instructor with ease.

Race this little beauty at a range of locations with our driving experiences: choose from Bruntingthorpe, Chobham, Elvington and more fantastic venues.

If one supercar just isn’t enough, pick one of our double or triple driving thrills to combine your Ariel Atom experience with a session in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and more. You’ll soon satisfy your need for speed in one of the finest cars ever made.


Q: Great, so this is a shortened version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Will I be acting or just watching...
A: No, you are possibly over-thinking things. This is a race day experience inside the mighty and speedy Ariel Atom car.
Q: Paul Potts! What’s that?
A: It is a unique and unforgettable automotive machine, designed specifically for speed and thrills.
Q: What makes it so special? The sides?
A: It has no roof, no doors, no windscreen. In fact it has eradicated all those annoying extra things that just end up slowing you down. With just the basic structure and seemingly unlimited power, you will go as fast as a mongoose on Pro-Plus.
Q: Level with me here Buddy Boy, how fast are we talking?
A: Easily 150 MPH. We are talking a ton-and-a-half, a ‘Dutchman’s Pony’, a ‘Galloping Mischief’. This is one speedy blighter and no mistake.
Q: Brill skills, so I just jump in it and blast away while lobbing the V’s?
A: No, you will be thoroughly briefed and guided by our expert instructor, who will tell you the best things to do when sitting in such a unique vehicle. There may be some demonstration laps in another car to help you get a feel of the track, then you’ll clamber in the Ariel Atom itself and go completely nuts.
Q: While obeying all local laws and statutes, obviously?
A: No sir! You are on a closed track, so you can go as fast as you dare. And the Ariel Atom can certainly go very fast.
Q: I think you’ve made that quite clear. Do I need to be part of a special club or something?
A: No, you simply need to be over 17 (or possibly 18 at some places) and hold a full UK driving licence which you’ve had for more than a year which you need to bring along on the day. Some stipulations vary from track to track, so double check everything with us or the supplier.
Q: Anything else I have to be?
A: There may be some height or weight requirements and you can’t be boozy or drug filled. Basically if there’s any reason why you can’t comfortably sit in an Ariel Atom, just check with us, but you’ll probably be fine.
Q: Really? Truly? Are you telling me everything will be fine?
A: Yes, your troubles are now over.

Fun Facts

1: Ariel Motors, founded in 1991, is one of the UK's smallest automotive companies, with just 7 employees, producing fewer than 100 cars per year. Which sounds a lot better than my car company which had 100 employees making 7 enormous cars a year that eventually proved to be economically unviable.
2: The Ariel Atom was initially a student project by Coventry University design student, Nik Smart. Let’s hope his assignment wasn’t ‘Design an effective toothbrush for use in the International Space Station’, and was actually car related, as that would be terrible.
3: The car was first shown publicly at the British International Motor Show at the NEC in October 1996. I imagine there’d be audible gasps at the unveiling and possibly one passionate petrolhead swooning into a Volvo.
4: The Atom is the world's first road-legal exoskeletal car. It doesn’t have a roof or bodywork and the tube chassis means it’s incredibly light. It weighs only 500 kg or just over 1000 lbs. That’s the equivalent of 500 bags of sugar or of one Ariel Atom motor car.
5: The suspension in the Atom is built along the same lines as single-seater racing cars and can be adjusted using only a single spanner. Though I bet Ricky Gervais’ character Derek would still mess it up something rotten. Oh Derek, whatever will you do next?
6: For a time, the Ariel Atom was the fastest road-legal car to go around the Top Gear track, completing it in a time of 1:15.1, after which I’m sure that Jeremy Clarkson wiped his brow, went ‘phew’ and then made a crack about Richard Hammond’s height, as this is what he tends to do.
7: One thing which new Ariel Atom owners are warned about is the cold conditions created by driving such an exposed car at great speeds, particularly in winter. So why you may look ‘super cool’ driving your Atom, let’s hope nobody notices your potential mittens and balaclava.
8: Though they are not connected, the Ariel name is thought, in part, to be a tribute to the defunct bicycle and motorcycle company Ariel Motorcycles, who designed the first Penny Farthing bike. Rumours that the Atom originally copied the design and produced a model with an enormous front wheel which required the wearing of a top hat to drive are completely untrue.