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Aston Martin Driving Experiences


Forget the automotive inferiority complex – we Brits have Aston Martin, and the Germans, Italians and Japanese don’t (cue blowing raspberries and holding your thumb to your nose).

In fact, there is a school of thought (that I’ve probably just invented) that you can’t properly claim to be British until you’ve driven one of the blighters. So come on, do your duty unto Queen and country and get involved with one of our many Aston Martin experiences, available at venues up and down the country, including Silverstone and Goodwood.

We can even let you make comparisons with the finest Audi, Lamborghini and Ferrari have to offer so you know exactly why you step out of the vehicle bursting with teary-eyed patriotic pride.


Q: Abbler...mooter...gabbo...dregtick...
A: OK, calm down, think before you say each word.
Q: Aston Martin! Really?
A: Yes, we have a slew of the classic British supercar for you to infiltrate, including the V8 Vantage and the DB 9.
Q: So I’ll be just like George Smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy?
A: I think you might be confusing him with James Bond.
Q: Yes, that’s him. James Berg. I want to do that thing like him.
A: Bond. Yes, you can recreate some of the driving moves of the classic spy with many of our experiences all over the country and at some of the most iconic racing circuits on the planet, including Brands Hatch, Silverstone and Goodwood.
Q: So I’m probably allowed to look at the Aston Martin. Can I also touch it?
A: You can look, touch and drive it. The length and details of the experiences change from location to location, but it’s usually around 6 laps of driving.
Q: I currently hold an expired, water-damaged driving licence issued by the fictional land of Narnia. Is that a problem?
A: I’m afraid so. You will need to hold a full UK driving licence for at least a year and be 17 or over to get inside one of our Aston Martins. If you are littler than this you might consider one of our Junior Aston Martin experiences.
Q: What for wee little kiddiewinks?
A: Yes, we have Aston Martins available for kids aged 12 and up. They get expert tuition from an ARDS registered Instructor, a crash helmet and the notion of safety continually hurled into their faces. It is very fun.
Q: Wow, just like Justin Bourne.
A: No, it’s Jason Bourne...
Q: The comedian?
A: You are an idiot.

Fun Facts

1: The name Aston Martin comes from company founder, Lionel Martin, and the Aston Hill speed hill climb in Buckinghamshire, which we imagine is where he liked to go with his fancy woman.
2: It is rumoured that Lionel owned a Rolls Royce but didn’t like the way it drove up hills, so designed his own, more sporty, motor. His plan worked and, as we all know, Rolls Royce was never heard of again.
3: The first Aston Martin car was produced in 1915 but production was halted when the First World War broke out. Possibly because all the engineers decided to focus on their trench poetry.
4: The most successful Aston Martin is the DB7, produced between 1994 and 2003. A record 7,000 were produced before it was retired and the DB9 replaced it. No idea what happened to the DB8, but I’d like to think it was was assigned to a prototype ‘car made from bread’ created by a rogue engineer who had wandered into the factory by accident and started making things out of bread.
5: The first appearance of an Aston Martin in a James Bond film was the iconic Silver Birch DB5 in 1964’s Goldfinger, which featured ejector seats and machine guns. There’s a story that it was so popular, the producer’s attempted to make a spin-off film starring the DB5 called ‘The Car That Drove Me’, but the filming was abandoned when the love scenes proved too challenging.
6: A classic silver DB4 convertible also appeared in the original 1969 version of The Italian Job, owned by Michael Caine. Don’t believe anyone who says he loves it when fans run up to him and scream ‘I told you to only blow the bloody doors off’ or ‘You’re Michael Caine’ into his face.
7: Aston Martin first entered the legendary Le Mans road race in 1928, but it took until 1951 for the DB2 to win 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the 3 litre class. We’re not sure why it took so long, but we’d like to think they replaced their previous monkey drivers with human men.
8: Famous owners of Aston Martins include Ben Affleck, Steven Spielberg, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Nicolas Cage, Morrissey, David Beckham and Ashley Cole. Non famous owners include Terry Renterforth, Sir Noel Fedds, Susannah Gargantor, Flicky and Paul Scholes (a different one).
9: Despite their distinctly British reputation, Aston Martin are the sponsors of German football side TSV 1860 München. Are they known as ‘The Pac Men’? Can this be confirmed?
10: The largest gathering of Aston Martins recently occurred in London to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the company. Over 150 of the iconic supercars met near the original site of the factory in Kensington. And I bet all of them had to pay the Congestion Charge.