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Audi R8 Driving Experiences

Take to the wheel in this modern German classic, brimming with style, panache and that all-important 4.2 litre v8 engine. Our Audi R8 driving days take place nationwide, and for the ultimate driving experience, you can pick up a dual driving thrill voucher and combine your Audi R8 experience with a few laps in an Aston Martin or a Lamborghini.

All our driving sessions are hosted by fully qualified instructors and take place at a range of locations throughout the UK. With free delivery on everything, all you need to do is go ahead and treat yourself.


Q: Is this an actual Audi R8 or just a picture of an Audi R8 taped to a moped?
A: It is a real, live Audi with 420 horsepower and an acceleration of 0-60mph in just 4 seconds. The car Jeremy Clarkson wanted to give six stars rather than the maximum five. Though I’m sure he could have done so if he wanted, as he’s Top Gear’s star and executive producer.
Q: What do I do with it?
A: At locations all over the UK, you can drive this astounding supercar on the closed circuit of your choice.
Q: What’s the point of doing in on a race track? I want to show off to my mates at The Lamb.
A: I’m sure you do, but the advantages of taking it onto a track are that you can go as fast as you dare, without fear of sanction or points on your licence. An instructor will be on hand to show you the fastest parts of the circuit and how to get the most out of the Audi.
Q: Can I at least bring along some of the people from The Lamb to look at me?
A: Spectators are allowed at most circuits, sometimes they may have to pay an entrance fee. Plus there may be an age limit for some visitors. It varies with the location so check with us or the supplier.
Q: For religious reasons, I tend to wear a lot of clothing generally described as ‘distressed’. Should I change my ways?
A: : For this driving experience, you will need to wear a long sleeved shirt, long trousers and soft-soled shoes (or trainers). You may also be outside, so you might want to bring your lucky cagoule.
Q: I have made 390 photocopies of my driving licence to being along on the day, is that all right?
A: Actually, you need to bring along your actual licence (no photocopies), which you have held for at least a year. You also need to be over 17 to take part. Any worries, just ask us (about the experience, not about your weird rash).
Q: Is it true that Audi is an acronym for Auntie Una’s Dirty Incident?
A: No. It’s something to do with cars.
Q: Despite that disappointing news, I’m still quite interested. When can I go?
A: This varies with location. Some experiences are weekday only, but can be moved to the weekend with the payment of a supplement. Some are seasonal and not available in the winter months, when cars don’t work. Check the small print on the experience you’re interested in, or just ask us.

Fun Facts

1: Each Audi R8 is hand assembled by a team of experts with only 25 rolling off the production line each day. Though there’s a legend that it’s different on Thursdays, when 26 are made because Bob works on Thursdays and he’s quite fast.
2: The Audi R8 shares its name with the 24 Hours of Le Mans winning R8 Le Mans Prototype (LMP) race car. Possibly because Audi aren’t good with names.
3: There are 5000 individual components that go into the manufacture of the R8. That’s a remarkable amount as I’m pretty sure the Vauxhall Viva comprises of only 4.
4: With a wheelbase of 2,650 mm or 104.3 inches, the Audi R8 may almost be exactly the same length as two Bonos laid end to end.
5: The R8 shares 15% of its construction with another classic supercar, the Lamborghini Gallardo. Just like I have to share 15% of EVERYTHING I EARN with my ex-wife, even though she is a professional water poloist.
6: In 2008 Playboy magazine announced that the Audi R8 was their ‘Car of the Year’. Did Audi reveal that Playboy was their ‘Rude Naked Lady Mag of the Year’? We need to be told.
7: Just 120 of Audi’s best employees are allowed to work on the prestigious R8 assembly line, with more than half of them aged over 40. And I bet all but four of them hate each other.
8: Billionaire part-time superhero Tony Stark drives an R8 in the movie Ironman. And, I imagine, he drives a slightly worse R8 in Ironmen 2, but then the R8 gets a bit better and is slightly more entertaining in Ironman 3.

Audi R8: the stats

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