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Lamborghini Driving Experience Days

Loving the Lambos? How about a driving experience in a Lamborghini Gallardo? Choose from our exciting range of Lamborghini driving days at venues like Silverstone, Goodwood, Elvington and more.

If you still have a need for speed, you can choose a dual driving package and take a Ferrari for a spin on the same day. We even have Lamborghini Gallardo driving days for under-17s, ideal for giving them a head start on driving (or just lots of pictures to show off on Facebook).

All our gifts and treats come with free UK delivery. Don’t say we don’t spoil you, OK?


Q: Wow, me in a Lambo!
A: Yes, it is very exciting.
Q: Do people actually call them Lambos?
A: No, I don’t think so, but you go right ahead.
Q: So in layman’s terms (and I am a qualified layman) what are we dealing with here?
A: The iconic, Italian design classic that is the Lamborghini. A supercar of unparalleled power and excellence. We have a variety available for your dalliance including the Gallardo, the LP640, the Murcielago or Balboni!
Q: And only old mug like me can just saunter in and drive one?
A: If you have a driving licence (and have held it for a while) and are over 17 and have no medical reason stopping you from settling comfortably into a car, then yes.
Q: And can I wear my giant foam hat that says ‘Fast Cars Are My Thing’ along the brim?
A: No, please wear sensible, comfortable clothing including a long sleeved shirt, long trousers and narrow-soled shoes. You may also be outside for certain portions of the experience, so wet weather clothing may be necessary.
Q: Is it true that if I drive the Lamborghini really, really fast my face will go all flapping back because of all the g spots?
A: You may be thinking of ‘G Force’, but no. The Lamborghinis go very, very fast indeed, but your face won’t do that thing. Unless it does that thing naturally.

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