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Mini Driving Experiences

The Mini Cooper S is a sporty little number that has enjoyed a revival and found a new home on the motor racing track thanks to a re-vamp by the bods at BMW.

This driving experience gives you the chance to take the Mini for a spin-i at a motor racing venue in Derby, Lancashire or Northamptonshire: you can also choose to get behind the wheel at Goodwood if you prefer.

Bring a couple of envious onlookers and push this mini marvel to the limit with a professional instructor. All our driving experience vouchers come with free UK delivery, too.


Q: The Mini! The classic British motorcar?
A: That’s the one, the tiny British powerhouse that single-handedly won the war. Or something like that..
Q: You are sure it isn’t really some kind of Rolls Royce or limousine that has been shrunk down using a ray often seem in cartoons such as Animaniacs and Garfield?
A: No, this is an actual fully-fledged Mini Cooper S, which is super-sporty, super-speedy and almost impossibly awesome to drive.
Q: What can this puppy do?
A: You’ll find out exactly what this puppy can do, as you drive it as quickly and meticulously as you dare around a closed-circuit under expert supervision.
Q: Level with me here Buddy Boy, how fast are we talking?
A: Easily 150 MPH. We are talking a ton-and-a-half, a ‘Dutchman’s Pony’, a ‘Galloping Mischief’. This is one speedy blighter and no mistake.
Q: That’s good, but I’d prefer some kind of historical aspect?
A: Many of our Mini driving experiences take place at classic circuits such as Goodwood. You’ll be driving in a British design classic at a British racing classic.
Q: That’s almost two classics! But how long will I have her for?
A: This entirely depends on what kind of experience you purchase and where you are doing it, but on average it’s usually six laps or so, but this can vary greatly. You can also combine your Mini driving with other saloon and supercar action fun, like Ferraris and the like. There are even experiences for juniors to try.
Q: Juniors? Like Robert Downey Jr, Harry Connick Jr and the soul singer Junior?
A: No, like children who are 16 and lower. There are driving experiences for them too, which are completely supervised and overseen.
Q: And what can possibly be stopping me doing this right now?
A: All you need is a full UK driving licence which you have held for a year and be over 17 (unless you’re younger than that and doing a Junior driving things, obvs), though there are occasional stipulations different to these, so double check the small print on your particular experience.
Q: And I assume some sort of elaborate driving jodhpur would be in order?
A: Not exactly. We prefer you to don something along the lines of a long sleeved shirt, long trousers and sensible narrow-soled shoes. And something waterproof just in case you’re outside and it’s rainy.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The Mini was reported to be the brainchild of British Motor Corporation chief Leonard Lord, who hated the bubble car boom that Britain saw after the petrol shortages brought about by the 1956 Suez crisis. Lord is reported to have demanded a ‘proper miniature car’ that could possibly ‘feature in a popular British caper film in 1969 starring Michael Caine’.
  • 2. The original Mini prototype, designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, was nicknamed the ‘orange box’, due to its colour and shape and probably not because it was handy to keep oranges in.
  • 3. The most number of people ever crammed into a Mini is a contentious issue with some saying 24 and others 66. Though no matter the number, they were probably all students.
  • 4. Between 1959 to 2000, 5,387,862 Minis were manufactured, making it the most popular British car ever made. The least popular British car ever made was the entirely imaginary ‘Austin Poking Things Into Your Legs On Purpose’ built between 1976 and 1977.
  • 5. In 1961, fast car driver Stirling Moss was banned from driving for a year for after being caught speeding in a Mini. That must have been a fun conversation with the police ‘Who do you think you are Stirling Moss?’ ‘Well yes actually’ ‘Oh dear, not very bright are we sir?’
  • 6. The famous Mini Cooper chase scene through Turin in The Italian Job was actually filmed in Coventry. I thought I could hear a few hybrid Midlands/Italian accents in the movie. And a few shots of the Ricoh Arena. That’s a bit of a giveaway.
  • 7. All four of The Beatles owned a Mini, with the most famous being George Harrison's psychedelic version which made an appearance in the film Magical Mystery Tour. It is rumoured that Ringo attempted to get his Mini into the film Caveman, but refused it to be dressed up as a mammoth.
  • 8. Minis won 17 international rallies and picked up no fewer than 116 major awards in races during 1965 alone. Which is nice, I never did anything in 1965. Just sat about waiting to be born.
  • 9. In 2008, a total of 884 Minis drove through the Dutch town of Lelystad, breaking the Guinness world record for the largest ever Mini convoy. Though it is reported that the previous record was only 2 Minis, which found themselves next to each other at a set of traffic lights in Swindon.
  • 10. The last ever Mark VII Mini and the final original two-door Mini to be produced was driven off the production line by the singer Lulu in 2000. No-one seems to know why.