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Porsche Driving Experiences

Here’s your chance to burn rubber in one of the most famous luxury supercars ever built. Our thrilling Porsche driving experiences are available at a range of locations including Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

Choose your weapon: a Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche 997, GT3 or Cayman. Whatever you pick, you can push your Porsche to the limit as you soar round the circuit in one of these powerful, classic supercars.

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Q: But don’t I have to be a member of Dutch royalty to drive a Porsche?
A: Not any more grandpa. Now everyone can get inside this amazing supercar. We have Porsche 911 Turbos, Porsche 997s, GT3s and Caymans to choose from.
Q: And I’ll assume some sort of air travel will be involved?
A: Not a bit of it. These experiences are available up and down the UK, even at classic circuits such as Brands Hatch, Silverstone and Goodwood.
Q: I’ve just discovered that I may be Swiss, is that going to be a problem?
A: To take part, you must have held a UK driver’s licence for at least a year, which you need to bring along on the day and be over 17 years of age. If you’re younger than this, you might be able to take part in one of our junior driving experiences.
Q: Obviously driving a Porsche is the fulfilment of all my dreams, but what else?
A: We have other driving experiences where you can drive different supercars alongside the Porsche such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis or Aston Martins or even try some rally driving or off-road antics. Just have a look through our full complement of driving days out.
Q: I’m originally from Norfolk, how long will I have in the car?
A: It depends on the location, but it’s usually around 6 laps of driving, but there are longer and shorter experiences available.
Q: And I must comply with all council enforced by-laws in regards to driving?
A: You will be driving on a closed circuit with expert tuition provided. The idea is to go as fast as you can and experience the full potential of the Porsche’s capabilities.
Q: Must I be alone?
A: Many of the locations allow for spectators. There might be an entrance fee to pay or an age limit to who can come along. But then again, there might not be. Just check with us or the supplier before heading out.
Q: What if it’s windy?
A: If your Porsche experience is postponed due to bad weather, we will reschedule a new date for you.
Q: And I don’t like moths, is that something I should bring up?
A: There may be some height and weight restrictions at different locations. Check the small print on your Porsche experience or just ask us or the supplier if you feel there may be a personal issue that could hinder your enjoyment. So the moth thing shouldn’t be an issue unless you insist on telling everyone about it all the time.

Fun Facts

1: Ferdinand Porsche founded the snappily titled "Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH" in 1931.
2: At first the company didn’t build their own cars, but offered consultation to other manufacturers. One of their first assignments was to create a ‘car for the people’ for Volkswagen, which eventually became the Beetle. Which, in turn, eventually became Herbie: the Love Bug and sadly brought about the downfall of Lindsay Lohan, in my personal opinion.
3: Ferdinand’s son Ferry is credited with creating the first actual Porsche, a prototype that eventually became the 356 in 1947. Legend has it that he built the car as he was dissatisfied with all the other vehicles available at the time. Now if we all did that we’d be in a sorry state, wouldn’t we?
4: Porsche's black horse company logo is based on the coat of arms of Free People's State of Württemberg, which I’d like to think was twinned with the town of West Wittering. I can just picture it on the sign. Lovely.
5: Porsche manufactures 16 versions of its iconic 911, including the 911 GT3 which has an impressive 435 horsepower and, according to Kenny at the dry cleaners, takes corners like a kitten on an ice-rink.
6: The most popular Porsche colours are black, white and red, but you can get your Porsche in any colour you wish. Even cream. Or orange.
7: With over 28,000 victories in international car races including 16 24 Hours of Le Mans wins, Porsche is the most successful brand in motorsports. Until I launch my own car racing brand ‘Autoerotique’ – just you wait, we’ll see who’s smiling then.
8: Porsche also manufacture a range of tractors which include the Porsche Super and Porsche Master. But look, let me tell you, it doesn’t matter what badge you’ve got on there, if you’ve got a tractor then you’re still a farmer. Deal with it.
9: Max Hoffman was the first man to import and sell Porsches in America. He had the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright design his Manhattan showroom, which is probably now a branch of Chicken Cottage or something.
10: A Porsche 928 features in the 1983 Tom Cruise film Risky Business. Though my friend Simon told me that Tom never actually drove or touched the car thanks to ‘movie magic’. That’s Simon with the centre-parting. That’s right, ‘Simon the Liar’.