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Tank Battle Paintballing

This experience combines conventional paintball with massive APC tanks for the ultimate combat game.
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  • Experience a thrilling tank battle.
  • Drive in a modified 432 APC tank.
  • Aim and fire the paintball weaponry.
  • Enjoy two hours of combat.

Locations are an indication only and may be subject to change.

Armoured Personnel Carriers, otherwise known as colossal battle-ready tanks, are yours for the commanding in this extreme paintball experience. Instead of running into battle with no more than a pair of safety goggles and a badly fitting jumpsuit to protect you, this time you’ve got several tons of mechanised badassery to watch your back.

Each tank is crewed by three people who rotate between the roles needed to get the tank moving and into battle – that’s driving, arming and, you guessed it, FIRING. The tank in question is a specially modified 432 APC. In fact, there are two of them – one for your team and one for the opposition.

In order to become the lean, mean fighting machine that you’ll need to be, your day will kick off with a special training session. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, you’ll learn how to drive the tank, load the breech and fire the air-powered gun. A bit like army camp, but a lot more fun.

You might also want to take this opportunity to pick up a few battle tank tips. After all, it’s not going to be like anything you’ve done before and that opposition tank will look mighty scary when its cannon swings in your direction…
What happens on the day?
Get ready for two of the most intense combat gaming hours of your life. You and the rest of your team will start the day with a training session to bring you up to battle-readiness. Because you’ll rotate between the different roles needed to get your APC into combat, you’ll each be taught how to drive the tank, aim the cannon, load the breech and fire the air-powered gun. Once you’re given the all clear from your instructor, the hatches will close. From here on in, it’s just your team and the tank. Using periscopes, you’ll drive your mighty machine into the battle area where you’ll need to work as a team to discover and annihilate your opponents. ....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 10 months. This voucher covers one person. You will share the tank with two other participants (not included under this voucher), each sharing the different roles. Maximum height is 6'4''. Maximum weight is 22 stone. The minimum age is 18. The experience will last for around two hours.