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Donington Park Track Days

Situated within easy reach of Derby, Donington Park is a world-famous motor racing venue used for huge racing events like the Grand Prix. It’s the ideal location for a driving day to remember.

Our experiences at Donington include Porsche, Audi and Aston Martin sessions, and you’ll get a free certificate of achievement. Don’t forget: everything at Wish is delivered free anywhere in the UK, and we sell a range of experiences to suit every age and ability.

Spectators are welcome at Donington, so bring the family for a great day out (and maybe a little bit of showing off).


Q: Donington Park? Where Ayrton Senna stormed to victory in the 1993 British Grand Prix?
A: Yes! I see you are familiar.
Q: Nope, never heard of it, that was just a lucky guess.
A: Then that’s quite remarkable. But yes, this is the historic racetrack which was one of the few places to host the British Grand Prix.
Q: So how does that affect me and my glorious life?
A: We want to send you there to drive amazing cars on the actual fast racing track.
Q: What can I do there?
A: Many, many exciting driving adventures. There is a fantastic selection of Ferrari driving experiences to choose from, for instance. Or combine a Ferrari with another car, so that you can try out two different sports cars while you're there. Get in a Lamborghini or a classic Aston Martin and take it for a spin around Donington. Try out the 4.3l, 6 speed V8 Vantage, just for hee-haws.
Q: So this is like parallel parking, 3-point turns…?
A: Nope, we want you to push these vehicles to their speedy limits on a track designed for maximum acceleration thrills. An expert instructor will be on hand to help you get the most out of your vehicle. .
Q: But I won’t actually be on the actual Donington circuit will I?
A: Where else? You’ll be on the circuit, originally instigated in the 1930’s. With its sweeping bends, super fast straights and something known as the Melbourne Corner, which sounds like a euphemism but isn’t.
Q: What if I bring others? Will they be bored to the point of punching me?
A: Nope, there’s always stuff going on at Donington. The museum and gift shop are usually open and they host a wide range of other events such as food festivals and the like. Then there are four bars and cafes on site plus a number of spectator areas.
Q: Which means I can bring my Shih Tzu?
A: No, I’m afraid not, no animals are allowed on site except guide dogs.
Q: Oh yeah, where is it?
A: Good question, Donington Park can be reached from the M1 or the A42, if travelling from the South West. Located just off Walton Hill/Ashby Road (A453), follow all signs for Donington Park.
Q: So near Derby?
A: Sort of.

Fun Facts

1: Donington Park motor racing circuit was the first permanent park circuit in England. Prior to that I imagine temporary tracks had to be laid down really quickly by men in hats running in front of the cars, which proved to be costly and exhausting.
2: The first motor cycle race at Donington took place on Whit Monday in 1931. Though it was not a bank holiday at the time, as I don’t think banks had been invented yet.
3: The first Donington Park Trophy race was held on the 7th October 1933, and the 20-lap event was won by the Earl Howe in a Bugatti Type 51. He was famous for his catchphrase ‘HOWE did I do it? I got there EARL-Y’ which annoyed everyone.
4: The circuit was closed in 1939 due to World War II, when it was converted into a military vehicle depot for the war effort. I can’t remember if this formed the basis for an episode of ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ but I will assume so.
5: In 1971 Donington was bought by businessman and car enthusiast Tom Wheatcroft, with the motor racing circuit re-opening on 27 May 1977 – just in time for the punk music explosion, which had little or no effect on fast car racing.
6: With five halls and over 130 exhibits, the Donington Grand Prix Exhibition comprises the largest collection of Grand Prix cars in the world. Which is why I’m getting married AND buried there. As soon as I’ve sorted out the paperwork.
7: Donington Park was the host of the 1993 European Grand Prix. The race was won by Ayrton Senna and dubbed the 'Drive of the Decade’. Though my drive during that decade was pretty nice. I parked my Yugo there every night without a problem (except that time it caught fire).
8: In 1935 the first 300-mile Donington Grand Prix was won by Richard ‘Mad Jack’ Shuttleworth in an Alfa Romeo P3. And the fact that his name was Richard but still called himself ‘Mad Jack’ shows you just how mad he was.
9: The first Monsters of Rock festival took place at Donington in 1980 with a line-up consisting of Rainbow, Saxon, Judas Priest and Scorpions. And a gathering of really confused geologists.
10: In 2012 DJ Chris Evans bought Donington Park's iconic Dunlop bridge 'by accident' at an auction for £300. Like that time I accidentally bought custard creams instead of Hobnobs. Except I didn’t suddenly have a bridge clogging up my back garden. And they weren’t £300. And it wasn’t an accident.