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Goodwood Track Days

Goodwood Circuit is the home to the Festival of Speed, situated on a glorious country estate in West Sussex.

If you’re a fan of classic supercars, you’ll relish the chance to take a Ferrari 308QV around the 2.4 mile circuit. We also have experiences for fans of the Lamborghini Diablo and the Aston Martin Vantage, and there’s a passenger ride experience for those who prefer to leave the scary bit to the professionals.

All our driving days come with free delivery anywhere in the UK, so purchase your voucher today and you’ll soon be racing on this legendary track.


Q: Goodwood? The horsey horsey clip-clop place?
A: Yes, Goodwood is known for its horse racing exploits, but it’s also an amazing racing circuit for fast motor vehicles. They have their own Festival of Speed, which isn’t a convention for Breaking Bad fans.
Q: Do tell me more. Quickly.
A: The track is 2.4 miles long but Goodwood's heritage within British motor racing is even longer; it was the first permanent circuit to re-open after the Second World War and is considered one of the finest UK tracks.
Q: But what can I possibly do there? I cut my own hair.
A: That is not a problem. We have a wild and varied selection of driving experiences available at this grand old circuit. Ferraris, Aston Martins, American Muscle Cars, F1 style single seaters, Lamborghinis and many more are waiting for you.
Q: But what if I see someone else’s nice car and get sad?
A: One way to avoid that situation is to choose one of our combination experiences, so you drive a variety of cars over the course of the day.
Q: Can I drive them crazy like?
A: Crazy fast, yes. There will be driving experts to help you get the most out of your chosen vehicle. Then it’s up to you to go as fast as you are comfortable with.
Q: But what about my enormous extended family? They always go everywhere with me?
A: Spectators are welcome at the track and there is a wide variety of concessions and attractions on offer for them, plus an excellent view of your shenanigans from the stands.
Q: : And what if it’s raining?
A: If the weather is really terrible, your experience may be postponed and rescheduled. If you have any worries about this, or any other aspects of your experience, contact us or the supplier.
Q: So should I just leave my house and follow the sound of horses?
A: Or you could look at our directions. Goodwood is situated just outside Chichester, only 60 miles from London, 30 miles from Brighton and Southampton. It is linked via the A286 to the A3 and A27 motorways and can be found off New Road on Claypit Lane. If in doubt follow signs for Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Fun Facts

1: The track was located on the former RAF Westhampnett airfield, named after the village bordering Goodwood, which served as a Battle of Britain base during the War. So if you are visiting there, feel free to give yourself a nickname like ‘Boffo’, ‘Ace’ or ‘Good Pilot’.
2: Goodwood originally opened to the public on September 1948 to host Britain's very first proper post-war motor race meeting. Before that I imagine race fans were forced to wave flags and cheer ordinary cars going up and down their street, which led to a great deal of confusion.
3: There was a huge demand for this first competition with over 15,000 spectators turning up to Goodwood. And this was in the olden days when I think the population of the whole country was only 15,002 or something, so that’s pretty impressive.
4: The Goodwood Festival of Speed started in 1993 and is now considered one of the world's largest celebrations of motoring culture. Unlike the Ghent Festival of Slowness which, if it were real, would be terrible.
5: Donald Campbell demonstrated his Bluebird CN7 Land Speed Record car at Goodwood in July 1960, before it finally broke the record in 1964. Because, as you know, the Bluebird is the fastest of all the birds. Like a blue blur they are, as they zip by.
6: Goodwood saw its last race meeting for over 30 years in 1966. The owners didn’t want to modify the track to cater to modern racing cars and so closed the gates. Then briefly reopened them to let the cleaners out, then closed them again.
7: The Rolls-Royce manufacturing plant and global headquarters is located on the Goodwood Estate. And I imagine they love it if you pop by and shout ‘do you have any free samples?’ repeatedly through the letter box.
8: The Goodwood Revival is a three-day festival held each September for the types of road racing cars and motorcycle that would have competed during the circuit's original period in the 1940’s. So if you have a large expansive moustache, that’s a great place to show it off.