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Prestwold Hall Track Days

Prestwold Hall is situated in the heart of Leicestershire, so it’s ideally located for wannabe Mansells in the Midlands. This up-to-date driving venue offers fantastic modern facilities for a whole range of incredible driving experiences.

Simply choose your ideal car from their impressive fleet, book your session and take to the track! We offer everything from luxury supercar driving treats to full-on half-day rally driving courses in four different cars on a purpose-built gravel circuit.

Available vehicles at Prestwold Hall include the Nissan GT-R, Audi R8 and the classic Aston Martin, so there really is something for everyone!


Q: What is a pressed wood hall? A hall made from pressed wood?
A: No, it’s Prestwold Hall. It’s written down, right there, I don’t know how this misunderstanding occurred.
Q: Fine, what’s a ‘Prestwold Hall’?
A: Not sure there’s any need for that level of sarcasm. Prestwold Hall is a fabulous purpose built racing circuit that sits seductively surrounded by glorious Leicestershire countryside.
Q: So what can I get up to there?
A: You can drive all manner of exciting vehicles! Supercars such as Ferraris, Porsches and Aston Martins. Plus the amazing Formula 1 stylings of single seaters and off road rally biz.
Q: So it’s just like a big car park?
A: Not even close! There is a 1.8 mile track with speedy straights and sensational chicanes, plus a shorter Southern Circuit, two rally stages and a 4x4 off road track.
Q: But I’ve got loads of roads around here I haven’t driven on yet.
A: But this is a professional closed circuit. You can go as fast as you dare without fear of censure by a uniformed official.
Q: But what if I fancy a sandwich? Or need the toilet? Or want to eat a sandwich on the toilet?
A: There are all sorts of that kind of facility, you will be fed, watered and thoroughly taken care of. There is even an American style 1950’s diner for you to fulfil all those Happy Days fantasies (but don’t whack the jukebox like Fonzie).
Q: And if I want to make a day of it, what’s nearby?
A: Loughborough! That’s just down the road, while Nottingham is about 25 miles away. Plus there’s the hall itself which is big and nice and worth a gawp.
Q: And what about other people? Do they stand behind a hedge in the cold?
A: No! There is an ample spectator area where they can see everything happening on the track. Or they can see bits and pieces from the café, if they are only vaguely interested.

Fun Facts

1: Prestwold Hall is the ancestral home of the Packe-Drury–Lowe family. Three families having to share the same house, that’s Thatcher’s Britain for you.
2: It was remodelled by renowned architect William Burn in 1842 to 1844 into the magnificent structure you can see today. I mean, not right now, unless you are standing outside it and reading this on a Smartphone, which would be an odd thing to do.
3: It was Grade I listed in 1951, in the pre-Rock n Roll age when all there was for kids to do was go around and list things.
4: The parish of Prestwold, to which the hall belongs, only has a population of around 60. You could fit the entire population into a standard London bus! But don’t bother trying, I had a go and none of them were interested.
5: Current hall resident Juliet Packe-Drury-Lowe is a renowned sculptor whose bronze of the stallion Monsun stands in front of the house. Monsun was a champion racehorse who went on to sire 713 foals. Blimey, I’m surprised he was stand still long enough to get sculpted.
6: As well as home to many exciting driving experiences, the Hall is also a highly popular wedding venue. I wish I’d known that before I got married in that ditch. That was a day to forget I can tell you.
7: In 1841, nearby Loughborough was the destination for the first ever package tour, organised by Thomas Cook for a temperance group from Leicester. And that tradition of alcohol free, local package tours continues to this day. Not.
8: Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx was a pupil at Loughborough Grammar School and son of the one-time vicar of Woodhouse Eaves and Ibstock, near to Prestwold Hall. So are Jaxx tracks like ‘Bingo Bango’ and ‘Get Me Off’ inspired by Loughborough and its surrounding environs? Yes, I would like to think so.

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