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Silverstone Track Days

Arguably the home of British motor sport, Silverstone is one of the best known racing venues in the world. Now you have a chance to take to the hallowed track and drive some of the finest and most challenging cars ever built.

Treat yourself to a driving day and find out if you can handle this famous circuit. If driving’s not your thing, take a friend on a tour and see the world-class facilities close-up, or choose a passenger ride in a supercar and let a pro show you how it’s done. All our experiences come with free UK delivery.


Q: Silverstone! Where King Arthur found and extracted Excalibur?
A: Nope, not that one.
Q: Silverstone! The home of British motor racing?
A: Yes! That one!
Q: Wait, why are we talking about this again?
A: We want to send you to Silverstone to enjoy a plethora of sensational driving experiences.
Q: Such as like what?
A: All sorts! You can take your pick from Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and many others too. Or if you wish to emulate the Buttons and Hamiltons of this planet, try a single seater F1 type thrill.
Q: On the real actual track?
A: Yup, on the classic 3.66 mile circuit that all your racing heroes have a bit of a drive on with its troublesome curves and alarming straights, you will be all over that joint. .
Q: Going fast?
A: As fast as you dare, under expert supervision. It depends which car day you pick, but I assume you’ll be inside something speedy, so get ready to fly at a pace usually reserved for gazelles and light aircraft.
Q: But obviously I’d want other people to witness this.
A: And we fully understand this, so bring them along. However if the date coincides with a major event only one car pass will be issued for entry in to the circuit. Check with them or us to see if this is happening on your day. There are also lots of refreshment venues and the Silverstone visitor centre to enjoy.
Q: I’m leaving now, my coat is half on, shout directions at me as I leave…
A: Silverstone is just off the A43 between Towcester and Brackley in Northamptonshire. The circuit is centrally located, only 60 miles from Birmingham and only 80 miles from London.

Fun Facts

1: Silverstone is built on the site of a World War II bomber station, RAF Silverstone, which opened in 1943. Which may be why we use the phrase ‘he was bombing down the track’, but probably not.
2: The first Silverstone car race took place in September 1947 and became known as the Mutton Grand Prix, as a sheep wandered onto the track and was killed by one of the racers. Not because it was won by Jenson Mutton, as I thought.
3: It takes fourteen individuals to cut and maintain all the grass at Silverstone. That must be a fun table to sit at in the staff canteen.
4: If all of the sausages eaten during the British Grand Prix were laid out, they would measure 1.08 miles, the equivalent of a lap around Silverstone's Stowe circuit. But they would then be rendered inedible, so I wouldn’t bother trying.
5: Until 1987, the British Grand Prix alternated between Silverstone, Aintree and Brands Hatch. And even though I made signs and everything, my ‘circuit’ was never in the running. That’s politics for you.
6: The name Silverstone derives from old English for 'wooded area'. Even though it has ‘silver’ and ‘stone’ right there in the name. No wonder everybody hates us.
7: The drivers in the British Grand Prix will lose, on average, 4kg in body weight during the course of 60 laps. You’d think they’d be concentrating on driving, not dieting, during the race. Such divas.
8: On the day of the British Grand Prix, the volume of helicopter traffic transforms Silverstone into Britain's busiest airfield. And, for some unknown reason, Britain’s Cheeriest Fishery. No-one knows why.
9: Home grown drivers have won the British Grand Prix 22 times, compared to the next most successful nations (Germany and Australia) with only 5 wins apiece. Which is why I think we should hold all the Grand Prix’s over here. Come on Bernie, let’s make this happen.