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Monster Truck Driving Experience

Ever driven a vehicle that has wheels taller than your average adult male? No, I didn’t think so. Ever wanted to? How did I guess!

Don’t you think it’s about time you stopped wasting your life and did it? Good. Luckily for you, can offer just the car-crushingly exciting kind of experience that will leave you with a strange urge to steamroller rush-hour traffic from a great height. For life.

Not only do we have the ONLY American-spec Monster Truck in the UK available for your motoring pleasure, we also have a fantastic three-in-one day out involving a giant Toyota Hilux, a stacked-up Jeep and a raised Dihatsu, each with their own custom course.


Q: So this is a standard HGV lorry designed to transport monsters...?
A: Of course not. You’ve seen them on the telly, heavily featured on all your monster truck shows. They are the enormously wheeled beasts that can drive over everything. Cars, hills, mounds, etc..
Q: Will I be driving over cars?
A: Yes, you may very well be. It depends on the experience you get. We have two varieties of monster trucks, European and American, which do different things.
Q: Explain the difference, without using the letter Q.
A: The American monster trucks are the traditional enormously tyred trucks, with the car crushing capabilities. The European variety is slightly smaller, but more manoeuvrable and great for off road driving and speed. You’ll probably need a ladder to get into either one mind.
Q: So do you bring the monster truck to me or...?
A: I’m afraid not. Our specially designed monster truck course is in West Sussex and has the obstacles, courses and other vehicles that gets the most out of this enormous metallic beast. .
Q: I’m not sure I’ve got my head around this whole concept of ‘moving vehicles’? Will I be in a pickle?
A: Slightly, while you don’t need to hold a full licence to enjoy this experience, you do need to know how to drive. You also need to be 16 years old or above.
Q: Lately I have been confined to an Iron Lung, is there some winch available to get me into the cab?
A: This is a high-octane, adrenaline fuelled activity. You’ll be driving over cars, for Cliff’s sake! You will need a degree of physical stamina to partake in this experience and it is not recommended for those with back, neck or heart complaints. As in there is something medically wrong with them, not that you like to complain about them.
Q: Will I be there for ages, because Casualty is on later and it’s the one with a man with a spade through him?
A: It depends on which experience you choose, but you can usually expect to be at the site for at least 2 hours, with at least 30-40 minutes of monster truck driving. But loads more than that with an extended experience.
Q: Can I bring someone along to hold my lucky gonk?
A: You can bring up to two spectators.
Q: That’s handy as my lucky gonk needs two people to hold it.
A: We look forward to seeing it.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Bigfoot is considered the original Monster Truck, appearing in 1979. Though curiously the truck does not have big feet, but great big wheels instead.
  • 2. Different versions of Bigfoot have appeared in films such as Police Academy 2, Road House and Tango & Cash. It is alleged that it also has a brief cameo in My Dinner with Andre playing the part of ‘third wine waiter’ but this was later edited out.
  • 3. With ten foot high tyres, Bigfoot is officially the world’s ‘Tallest, Heaviest and Widest Monster truck’ according to the Guinness Book of World Records. But it still hasn’t managed to nab that ‘most spoons held on the face’ record. But keep trying Bigfoot, we believe in you.
  • 4. Modern monster trucks aren’t really trucks at all, but feature a tubular metal structure closer in design to a dune buggy. So I think they really should be called ‘monster tubes’ though I can see why that name didn’t take off.
  • 5. The famous monster truck Grave Digger has its own attraction in the form of ‘Digger’s Dungeon’ which features a gift shop and an actual Grave Digger truck sitting outside. It is not reported how many disappointed funeral directors arrive at the attraction every year expecting some kind of ‘hall of fame’ dedicated to their profession – but I bet its lots.
  • 6. It’s been reported that around 3000 cars are crushed annually at monster truck events. Which must elicit about 6000 ‘woo-hoos’ from the audience. One for when it’s going up and another when it comes back down.
  • 7. Enormous monster truck tyres are shaved by their construction crews to reduce their size and ensure peak performance. But that doesn’t mean you should take your Gillette Fusion to the tyres of your Montego, as that will just get you in trouble.
  • 8. Greek 4x4 champion Steffan Attart designed a Smart Car monster truck featuring a Forfun2 vehicle with massive monster tyres. Perfect for the eco-friendly motorist in your life who likes to drive over and destroy other cars, while considering the environmental impact.
  • 9. The monster truck Donkey Kong features the ears, hair and red tie of his legendary computer game namesake. And yet when I tried to put a tie on that gorilla at the zoo, I was arrested and fined. Where is the justice in that?