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Young Drivers Driving Experiences

Young Drivers: Everything you need to know

Give your kid a head-start on driving lessons with a track day or driving lesson from Wish!

Young Drivers experiences cover everything from thrilling laps around world-famous circuits to preliminary driving lessons to prep them for the real thing. With our thrilling driving days, children can drive a real, full-size supercar such as a Ferrari, an Aston Martin, an Audi R8 or a Porsche. (If your nerves can’t take it, treat them to a session on a quad bike or a new Mini.)

Your child will learn with the help of the very best expert ADI or ARDS tutors, and with the First Time Drive experience, they will share the car, so they’ll also have the chance to make friends as they learn. Young Drivers experiences are fun and safe, and they’re totally legal too.

The experience your child will get will be invaluable as they approach their 17th birthday and begin to learn for real - with that extra preparation, you’ll almost certainly spend less on lessons, and they will find those first few days on the road a little easier as well.

Young driving experiences generally suitable for teenagers, although a minimum height requirement often applies.

On the menu


Q: My child looks like a lot like James May, is there any way to exploit this?
A: Not sure what you want me to do about that, but with have a plethora of experiences for junior drivers available?
Q: Says you, like what?
A: Pretty much anything that’s available for grown-ups is also offered in childish form. This includes supercars like Ferraris, Aston Martins and Lamborghinis, rallying and 4x4 driving, quad bikes, go-karts and even tanks!
Q: And will children also be doing the supervising in some bizarre Bugsy Malone type scenario?
A: No, there are fully trained, adult staff on hand at all times. Kids will be wearing top notch safety gear and given vivid instruction on all things safe before even sniffing a vehicle. Many of the cars on offer are dual-control, so the instructor always has their foot dangling over the brake.
Q: So how old is too old? Or young?
A: It completely depends on the experience on offer. Ages usually start at 12 and go up to 16, but we have activities aimed at tykes as young as 6! Just check the small print on the experience you are interested in or ask us or the supplier.
Q: Is it all stunting and blasting and rallying?
A: Not at all. If you think your kid is not quite ready for all that high octane stuff, there are experiences that just provide the basics of driving for first time drivers, showing the fundamentals of car control by a qualified ADI instructor. Or there are high-speed passenger rides, where junior gets all the thrills of high-speed driving from the safety of the passenger seat.
Q: Where is this occurring because I’ve got this leg...
A: These experiences take place up and down the UK, sometimes at famous race circuits such as Brands Hatch, Silverstone and Rockingham! Imagine that!
Q: I can’t because they’ve got me on these beta-blockers.
A: Sorry to hear that.
Q: So can I just drop them quite near to the track and then pop down to the bookies?
A: An adult or guardian may need to be on hand during the day or possibly will need to sign them in on arrival and collect them at the end of the experience. Again, it depends on what they are up to, so check. Some of our experiences are for you and the kids together. Like fun!
Q: So should I wrap them in bubble-wrap just in case?
A: No thank you. All safety equipment will be provided where necessary, but please get them to wear comfortable casual clothing and trainers that you don’t mind getting dirty. In wet weather a change of clothes is advisable.

Fun Facts

1: The minimum legal age to drive a car varies around the world, with the youngest we can find being 14 years old in Ethiopia. So if you jump in a cab in Addis Ababa and the driver is reading Whizzer & Chips, don’t worry about it.
2: Sergey Sirotkin became the youngest ever Formula 1 driver signing for Sauber at the age of 17. The only record I held at 17 was ‘most episodes of Weakest Link watched while eating crisps’.
3: Dustin Jackson is the world’s youngest stock car racer and was only 10-years-old when he started racing at Laird International Raceway. A small stepladder had to be provided for Dustin to reach the podium when he placed at events, or so I would like to believe.
4: Guinness awarded the world record for the youngest driver to win a NASCAR race to Joey Logano who was a juvenile 19 years, 1 month, 4 days at the time. Dude, the kid in the fact above you was only 10. What were you doing in the intervening 9 years, 1 months and four days?
5: Many of the top Formula 1 drivers, including Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, started out at a very young age on the Karting course. They claim the skills they learnt on the track then, helped them on the F1 racing circuit. Though I assume the snacks are probably a lot better now.
6: The car child safety seat was invented in 1962 by American Leonard Rivkin. So what happened before that? Were children just advised to ‘try and go a bit limp and aim for something soft’ during accidents?
7: The world’s most expensive model car was a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, which was said to be worth £3million, over 10 times the cost of an actual Aventador. The 1:8 scale replica featured gold, platinum and many precious stones. Only one was created and sold to a collector, so sadly there aren’t any available. Until ‘Expensive Lamborghini Model Car magazine’ comes out, featuring a free diamond-studded mudflap in issue 1.
8: One of the first ever car racing video games was 1974’s Speed Race, created by Tomohiro Nishikado, the man who later went on to create Space Invaders. But I’d like to think of him as the man who did the most to destroy the wrists of young people the world over.