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Flyboarding Experience

H2O? You mean H2-woah! Spurt your way to aerial happiness with a Flyboard!
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  • Soar up to 10 metres above the water.
  • Get expert training from the instructors.
  • Enjoy a 30 minute session.
  • 5 locations across the UK.

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So far, the future has been thoroughly disappointing. There is a distinct lack of hoverboards, teleportation ain’t happening soon and robot concubines are flimsy and poorly constructed. But guess what? Flyboards!

You don’t have to sneak onto the set of the latest James Bond, Jason Bourne or Lance Stallion film to get your filthy mitts on a Flyboard. England is literally teeming with these futuristic wonders. And we want to strap you right into one.

This Flyboard that we are talking about is sort of half hoverboard, half jetpack and half Jet Ski! That’s right, it is so futuristic, it has three halves! And then it gets even more exciting. It all revolves around amazing aqua-powered Jet Boots that shoot you high into the air. You heard my typed words correctly: Jet Boots!

Just like Little Jimmy in the children’s favourite Little Jimmy and His Magical Jet Boots, and the sequel Little Jimmy and His Magical Jet Boots Play Buckaroo, these engineering marvels lift you high above a lake or similar body of water utilising the mighty power of common or garden watery molecules. You know how Firemen use high-powered hoses to blast flames up into the air? It’s like that!
What happens on the day?

On arrival at the Flyboard centre or centres, an expert instructor will kit you out with wetsuit (and oh brother, it will get wet) and lifejacket and give you the full safety low down. Then on the sorry, depressing substance which is dry land, you’ll be shown the Flyboard and made to believe how it flies like a mighty kestrel or oystercatcher. Once you’ve got the basics, your superhero future awaits.

Then, it is out on the water, where H20 becomes H2-woah as the Jet Boots are filled with water which fires downwards and lifts you up into the air. And you’ll be flying! Scoot along the surface of the water like some rocket-powered mayfly from space. Blast up to ten meters into the air like some crazed water feature… from space. For 30 minutes (or 25 minutes in Scotland and 20 minutes in Frodsham) you’ll tame the waves and show them who is boss. It’s you. You’re the boss. You.

Don’t go back to the future, go forward into…erm…the past. Blast off and live out those wild sci-fi dreams with this amazing Flyboard experience.

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5 out of 5

Would definitely recommend!

Flyboarding was great and is definitely one to try again. The instructor was good, equipment good and an all round exciting day. Have recommended the experience to others and shown them the video!

Review by Henry Dernie

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Terms & Conditions
Your voucher is valid for 10 months and is for one personVouchers are valid on selected dates week-roundMinimum age is 16 (18 at Frodsham) and maximum age is 80Maximum weight is 20 stone. Minimum height is 4'6"This experience is not suitable for pregnant women or anyone with the following: dislocated shoulder/wearing a cast, heart conditions, severe back issues, under medication that will make you drowsy. Wetsuits are provided - however you are advised to bring your own if possible, as the ones provided may be wet from previous users. This is a high impact and challenging adrenaline experience, which some people take a while to get the hang of. As such there is no guarantee given that you will be able to successfully fly out of the water during your session. You are however welcome to upgrade to a longer session directly with the supplier at the point of booking if you so wish. Please note you will not be allow to take the experience if you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. You are advised to bring a towel and your voucher