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Thanks to Wish, flying lessons are no longer the reserve of the rich and famous. Be Bruce Dickinson for a day (or that bloke out of Blur) as you take the controls of a light aircraft or a glider, or test your nerve as you loop the loop in an aerobatic plane. If you’re up for a challenge, learn to pilot a helicopter and limbo low with the hover challenge. Fully qualified instructors oversee all lessons, and the experiences take place at more than 40 locations nationwide. Disabled pilots are welcome to take on our stunt plane challenge.

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Toast a special occasion in the most memorable of locations: the basket of a gigantic hot air balloon. Our wonderful balloon flights include tickets for two, complementary Champagne for all and a chance to set up the balloon for the flight, if you want to see how it’s done. (Alternatively, just sit back and chortle as your fellow passengers do it.) This wonderful half-day experience includes a one hour flight, and you can choose from more than 100 locations nationwide. All of our vouchers for fabulous flying days are posted direct to your door, and you get free UK delivery.

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Whether you want a passenger ride in a tip-top chopper or you want to learn to fly one, Wish has an experience to suit every aviation enthusiast. Choose a sky-high sightseeing tour of Oxford or London, or taking in the rolling Cheshire, Hampshire or Snowdonia landscape from the sky. Our Dambusters tour will take you soaring over the stunning Peak District national park. Pick a package for two and bring a friend with you, or learn to fly a helicopter with a lesson and hover challenge. Whatever you choose, these flying experiences will give you a buzz like no other.

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Enjoy a more serene and peaceful flying lesson with a microlight day out from Wish. You’ll fly with a qualified instructor, and if the expert feels you’re up to the task, you’ll be able to take the controls and pilot it yourself. Microlight flights from Wish are available for anyone aged 14 or over, so now’s the time to get in a bit of practice before Dad buys you that plane you’ve been banging on about. You can take off from a whole range of locations including Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Wiltshire, East Lothian and County Armagh in Northern Ireland.

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Gliding surely has to be the most serene, awe-inspiring flying experience available at Wish. Here’s your chance to pilot a glider with a single flight or a four-lesson course over half a day. After being towed to 2,000 feet, you’ll be free to swoop and soar to the ground under the supervision of an expert instructor. Each glider has dual controls, but you don’t have to fly if you prefer to leave the hard work to the pro tutor. Take off from a range of UK locations including Warwickshire, Essex, Norfolk, Brecon and Devon. Additional lessons are discounted too.

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Fans of classic aviation will love our Tiger Moth flying experiences. You’ll be kitted out in 1930s flying gear before piloting one of these iconic wartime bi-planes, or its cousin, the Stampe SV 4. All the aircraft are fitted with dual controls, and you’ll be supervised closely by a ‘plane nerd’ (expert instructor) at all times. There’s no minimum age for many of our Tiger Moth flight experiences - just a minimum height requirement - so young lanky-legs over there may be in luck. Locations are available all over the UK and you can opt to ride as a passenger if you prefer.

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