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Helicopter Flying Lessons


Q: Lord Steele! What’s all this about?
A: If you or someone you have feelings for has always wanted to learn the basics of helicopter flying, this is a great way to do it.
Q: So is this just for unserious people who like to lark about?
A: Not at all, with many of our experiences, the hours you clock up taking part can count towards your eventual pilot’s licence.
Q: What helicopters will I be tackling here?
A: There is a wide variety of craft such as the Robinson R22 Beta, a Robinson R44 and many other types. If you have a specific helicopter in mind, just contact us to see if we can sort it out.
Q: So will I actually touch things inside?
A: Indeed, it’s the best way to learn. You’ll be fully briefed on what to do, you’ll take the controls and may even take part in a ‘hover challenge’. There’s also a chance to be a navigator, an observer and a pilot. You’ll be gauged on how experienced you are and the level of your confidence and expertise.
Q: Will I be taught by the man who flew the helicopter in Magnum PI?
A: That is doubtful, but all our instructors are CAA Licensed and have hundreds of hours of flying experience. They are the best in the biz. The flying biz.
Q: How long will I be whirlybirding?
A: Firstly, nice use of the lingo. Secondly, it depends. We have helicopter lessons that last 15 minutes and then there all full away day experiences with several flying sessions spread out over a number of hours. Just take a look through the full range to find the perfect one to suit your time or budget.
Q: Where do I go?
A: There are airfields and flying schools all over the UK offering helicopter lessons. Hopefully there should be one near you.
Q: But I don’t want to learn HOW to fly a helicopter you fool, I just want to be in one…
A: : If you don’t fancy learning to fly a helicopter, or would rather experience flight in one before committing, then we also have a massive range of flying tours over many UK beauty spots. Have a bash in one of those and then see if it’s something you’d like to pursue.
Q: And what could possibly derail me?
A: There may be some height and weight restrictions connected to your flying lessons and there could also be an applicable minimum age. Check the small print on your particular experience to see these or just contact us or the supplier with any concerns. Also if you have any medical conditions that you think might affect your experience, get in touch.

Fun Facts

  • 1. At $21 million each, the AgustaWestland AW101 is thought to be the most expensive helicopter in the world. Mainly used by the military there are also super swanky civilian versions. And that $21 million doesn’t even cover the rotors, they are extra. Oh wait, no, I’m being told it does include the rotors. Carry on.
  • 2. You might think you’re doomed if a helicopter’s engine stops, but they are actually designed to glide gracefully to the ground using the rotors as a sort of parachute. Though the words ‘sort of parachute’ don’t exactly fill me with confidence.
  • 3. For the helicopter freeway chase scene in Terminator 2, the regular camera operator refused to take part as the stunt seemed too risky, so director James Cameron did it himself. And where was Arnie during all this? Nowhere, that’s where he was. The big wimp.
  • 4. Website Den of Geek pitted fictional choppers Airwolf and Blue Thunder against each other and decided Airwolf was the victor. Thank god a website finally pitted choppers against each other, the virtual world has been waiting years for that.
  • 5. The original TV Airwolf copter was sold when the series finished and was repurposed as an air ambulance in Germany. I hope that fact was relayed to the injured parties onboard, to cheer them up on the way to the hospital.
  • 6. In the TV show Magnum PI, T.C. pilots a Hughes 500D helicopter for his Islands Hoppers business. Which I assume quickly liquidated, as he was always too busy helping Magnum to actually conduct any business.
  • 7. NASA is developing a hover-capable, electric-powered, low-noise, personal vertical takeoff and proprotor aircraft, capable of flying one person 150 MPH. It is called the Puffin, because we all know how fast puffins fly through the air, don’t we NASA?
  • 8. The Hiller YROE-1 was a ‘rotorcycle’ developed for the military in the 1950’s, was an ultralight, foldable, one-person helicopter. Not sure what it was used for? To distract the enemy who were all pointing upwards saying ‘look at that mna on a flying motorbike’ while someone elee shot them?
  • 9. The A-Team’s chopper pilot, H.M. ‘Howling Mad’ Murdoch, was rumoured to be the best helicopter pilot in the Vietnam war, though viewers were never told what the H.M. in his name stood for. Except for Howling Mad, obvs.