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Helicopters: Everything you need to know

Take a friend for a ride in a helicopter, or treat yourself to a breathtaking trip over some of the UK’s most famous sights and landmarks.

City or country - rolling hills or soaring skyscrapers. Our helicopter experiences cover them all! present a range of helicopter flights, starting at five minute tasters: they’re suitable for anyone over 4 years old, if accompanied.

You can also choose a longer flight, departing from a selection of UK locations. Fly over Stonehenge, the Angel of the North, the Severn Valley, Snowdonia, the Isle of Wight and more. For a truly memorable helicopter flight on that special occasion, try the Dambusters tour: this 30 minute flight over the picturesque Peak District breathes life into the World War II story of the Dambusters.

Don’t forget to try our helicopter lesson if you fancy a go at flying one of these powerful choppers: it includes a hover challenge which will really test your skill and nerve.

Flying lessons in planes, gliders or stunt planes are available elsewhere on the website. All of our vouchers are sent quickly with free UK delivery, and you can pay today and book later when you’ve decided when to fly.

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Q: Wow, a helicopter, that’s really something…phew…
A: You don’t know what a helicopter is, do you?
Q: Not really, no.
A: If I were to say The A-Team?
Q: Oh! The big flying conveyance that Howling Mad Murdoch manoeuvres?
A: You got it bucko! We want to get you up there in the sky in one of those puppies.
Q: Do I need to have several hundred hours of flying experience under my belt before I can enter the vehicle?
A: Not a bit of it. We do have experiences where you actually pilot the helicopter and even get involved in a hover challenge. You don’t need experience but there may be a minimum age of 16 to take part in that.
Q: But I don’t want to actually drive it you pilchard, I want to look out of the window.
A: Perfect, as we have many experience where you clamber inside the whirlybird and then swoop and hover over some of England’s finest things such as London town, Portsmouth Harbour, Silverstone, bits of Scotland and more. It’s an amazing way to view the landscape.
Q: What if I wish to combine my flying experience with something incongruous?
A: Not an issue! We have a combined helicopter and cream tea experience or have a drift over Emmerdale country!
Q: I’m a busy, busy man with many crisps that look like notable celebrities that need to be sorted, how long will all this take?
A: Experiences can be a very brief helicopter buzz, providing just a few minutes of adrenaline pumping action or else a full day of chopper fun involving in-depth on the ground tutelage plus hours of flying time.
Q: I don’t leave the house without my friend Clive…
A: We’re not sure what bearing that has on anything, but we have solo helicopter treats as well as both training and tours for two people, if you wish to spend the day with that special someone.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The first reference to anything even vaguely resembling a helicopter is by inventing genius and big head Leonardo Di Vinci in 1480, who designed but never built an ‘aerial screw’. I could make a joke about the Mile High Club, but we are both better than that.
  • 2. The word ‘helicopter’ was first used by French inventor Gustave de Ponton d'Amécourt, who created a small, steam-powered device in 1861. Which is good otherwise Helipads would be Gustave de Ponton d'Amécourt-pads.
  • 3. Many attempts were made to build a prototype helicopter, including machines by inventors such as Jacques and Louis Breguet, Thomas Edison and Paul Cornu. Most were unstable and crashed, delaying development of the vehicle, but providing hours of hilarious stock footage showing crazy flying machines crashing into fields.
  • 4. The fastest helicopter is said to be the Sikorsky X2 which was recorded flying at a speed of 258MPH. Which is why people use the expression ‘Sikorsky blimey that’s fast!’
  • 5. The first large-scale mass produced helicopter was another Sikorsky, the R-2, which was the only chopper to see action in World War II, towards the end of the conflict. Which is why Vera Lynn never sang a song about one.
  • 6. The longest distance flown without landing is an astonishing 2,213.04 miles by Robert G Ferry in 1966, who flew non-stop from California to Florida. Yes, I have the same question about toilet breaks as you have, I just don’t know the answer.
  • 7. In 2011 Pascal Chretien achieved the first untethered, fully electric manned helicopter flight in a machine he built himself. The secret of his success? I imagine it was a very, very long extension cord.
  • 8. The famous Little Nellie aircraft seen in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice was not a miniature helicopter but its close cousin the Autogyro. I thought that was a vending machine for kebabs, but it seems I was mistaken.
  • 9. The Russian Mil V-12 was the largest helicopter ever built, holding over 200 people and possessing a 67 meter wingspan. Built during the height of the Cold War, I imagine even leaders of western world would decry to their hated Soviet counterparts, ‘blimey, that is a whopper’.