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Helicopter Flights Over London


Q: Little old me in a chopper, whirlybird or rotorship?
A: That is what we want to see, yes.
Q: And sweeping and swooping all over London town?
A: That is generally the idea. You can enjoy the stunning skyline and amazing historical sites of the capital from this incredible, thrilling vantage point.
Q: But for where can I go?
A: All over the gaff, as they say in cocknied areas. Fly up the grand old river Thames, head over some of the famous footballing establishments, see sights such as Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye and all that sort of thing.
Q: How long does all that take?
A: Completely depends on the type of experience you pick. On average the flights are around 30 to 35 minutes.
Q: What happens once it is over? Do I just weep as I know I will never feel so light and airy again?
A: You can always do that, or combine your helicopter ride with another fun based London activity such as a visit to Kew Gardens.
Q: Can I bring a friend and a camera?
A: We would enjoy seeing both. We have many experiences for two people if you want a unique and thrilling way to celebrate a special occasion. And you’ll need your camera to record those breathtaking views.
Q: Will my breath actually be taken, as I have asthma?
A: No that was just an expression, but there may be certain height or weight restrictions on your particular flight, so check the small print when you are booking or just get in touch with us or your supplier if you have any worries.
Q: Do I have to be a certain age? Like 37?
A: No, you don’t have to be a particular age, but there may be a minimum age requirement or adult supervision may be required for passengers under a certain age. So check before you book.
Q: : And if it’s clammy?
A: Clamminess should not hinder your flight, but other weather conditions might. On the day of you experience, check with the supplier in the morning to make sure everything is clear to go ahead. If there is a weather related problem causing a postponement, we will reschedule for another day.

Fun Facts

  • 1. In the 1920’s, before the introduction of the police helicopter, an airship was used to help the police with traffic control around horse racing events at Epsom and Ascot. I imagine this led to a number of very slow, very high up very dull blimp chases.
  • 2. A large mural in the East End of London depicting the 1936 Battle of Cable Street includes a police autogyro that was present during the incident. Or else the person doing the painting includes autogyros in all his murals, as that’s their ‘thing’.
  • 3. 75-year-old Gennai Yanagisawa has created a 75kg aircraft which sets the record for the world’s smallest helicopter. So if you see an old man hover by in a tiny helicopter, it is real. You are not having a stroke.
  • 4. The world’s smallest remote control helicopter is the Nano-Falcon and measures just 65mm in length while weighing a mere 11 grams. It also holds the record for the ‘largest amount of disappointment for a gift opened on Christmas morning’.
  • 5. Clint Eastwood has been a private helicopter pilot for over 30 years and still flies in his 80s. And he loves it if you shout ‘Oi Firefox’ at his craft as he flies over you.
  • 6. The highest altitude achieved in a helicopter was 40,820ft in 1972 in a Aerospatiale Lama by Jean Bouet of France. The lowest altitude was 0ft by all of them, once they are on the ground.
  • 7. The 1980’s helicopter video game Super Cobra may have been familiar to fans of the spaceship game Scramble, as they had the same basic design. They also provided the same crippling wrist pain if you played them for nineteen hours straight.
  • 8. Richard Stephens, a 16 year-old schoolboy became the youngest Briton to fly a helicopter solo in 2009. Though I imagine there were quite a number of other 16 year-old boys ‘flying solo’ elsewhere.
  • 9. The main nut that holds the rotor in place on a helicopter is known as the ‘Jesus Nut’, with the legend being that if it failed, only Jesus could help the occupants. Praying to Him I think they mean. I don’t imagine they expected Jesus to swoop down and grab everybody.