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Zombie Battle London

Do you enjoy those video games where you shoot things in the head? Do you? HEY – PUT DOWN THAT VIDEO GAME I’M TALKING TO YOU!


This is like a video game come to life, but not in a scary Japanese horror film sort of way. After an unfortunate experiment, the dead of Greenwich have popped back to life and they suddenly want to eat you and your pals.

All you have to do is succumb, shoot and outwit them. Think you can manage it? Sign up for this amazing, as seen on TV, Zombie Battle London experience and find out.


Zombie Blitz 1940

What could be worse than your standard, run of the mill zombie? Why a Nazi zombie of course!

Your least favourable location to encounter these undead monstrosities? Perhaps a claustrophobic tunnel laboratory under London’s Waterloo station? Why not!

We’ve already received a shed load of positive press and appreciative punter feedback for this unique, interactive horror adventure. So why not experience the full-blown terror of Zombie Blitz 1940 for yourself?


Junior Lamborghini Gallardo Driving Special Offer

If you are vaguely satisfied with your offspring, but feel as if they could always go faster, we have something to wet your palette and possibly other parts of you.

Kids 12 years old and above can get behind the wheel of an actual Lamborghini Gallardo. How? We’re not sure, but it’s perfectly legal and it’s perfectly safe. Driving experts will show them which bits to push to make the supercar go.

And then it’s out onto the track for a turn alongside the instructor, then at the controls themselves. It’s a great way to get a feel for driving and for luxury.


Junior Ferrari Driving Special Offer

Have a junior gearhead knocking around at home? Double check to make sure it’s not Richard Hammond and if it isn’t then step this way.

Provide your child with an unforgettable experience as they power around a closed raceway in an amazing Ferrari supercar. At various locations around the country, we want to get your little baby behind the controls of one of the world’s iconic vehicles and push it through its paces.

A qualified instructor is always there to make sure nothing goes awry. If your kid is 12 and over and loves things that move rapidly, this could be the ideal gift for them.


Junior Aston Martin DB9 Driving Experience

If those cuddly plush James Bonds toys, which are flying off the shelves, are anything to go by, kids love the Great British superspy as much as the oldies.

So if your offspring has a penchant for all things 007 or all things internal combustion engined, they will love you for getting them this experience behind the wheel of a classic Aston Martin DB9. The only problem will be the powerful feelings of envy you suffer as you see them jetting around the track in this most iconic of vehicles.

Even the lamest birthday gifts or Christmas treats will be forgotten if you allow them a few spins around the track in this amazing motorised marvel.


Cowboy Experience For Kids

The cowboy is every kid’s favourite in the Village People. So offer them a very special treat indeed as you allow them to experience a day as a real life cowpoke.

There will be rootin’ and indeed a certain amount of tootin’ as your little Clint or Costner rides horses, does lasso tricks and eats a fine meal of beans and more beans. Don’t worry if your child has never even seen a horse before and thinks it’s some kind of monster dog. Experts are on hand to show them the ropes.

If you fancy a taste of adventure with a twist then sign up the little rustler in your life to this thrill filled cowboy experience.


Thames RIB Experience (Child)

Bored of barges? Dread the thought of dinghies? Curse the very name of cruise liners? Then get yourself and your kid in a RIB.

Besides being a bone thing that stops your lungs from falling out, a RIB is also a super fast boating craft that hits incredible speeds while being totally safe. We want you and your little one to hit the Thames and blast up and down in a watery dance of adventure.

Waterproofs and lifejackets will be provided. All you need to bring is a sense of excitement and a willing child companion. Thrills are guaranteed.


Kids Spy Camp

Aldrich Ames, Hede Massing, Gunvor Galtung Haavik; kids just love spies. If you have a gadget wielding, adventure seeking would be James (or Janet) Bond in your life and house, this could be right up their dark alley.

Mini cameras, bugs, laser dodging, bomb diffusing and surveillance techniques will all be shown to your agent in the making. Any kid with an imagination and a taste for sleuthing will get a kick out of this great day out.

Add a dash of espionage to your kids’ life with this exciting, unique day at Kids Spy Camp.


Feed The Big Cats

When we say big cats, we’re not talking about moggies that have got into the Whiskas and puffed up a bit. These are ferocious jungle-dwelling beasts and you can get right up into their grills!

You’ll help the keeper hand feed these amazing animals in this unique, one-to-one experience. You will not believe how close to them you’ll get. You’ll see their fillings and everything.

And admission to the rest of the park is included so you can enjoy all the amenities before and after.


Meet The Meerkats Experience

I’ll try and get through this without saying ‘simples’. Oh dear, too late.

They are the cutest, furriest, most-looking-up-est creatures on the planet and here’s your chance to get up close and personal with a sweet little Meerkat. Beloved by advertising executives, television directors and other, more human, people.

During your day at Paradise Wildlife Park, you’ll be introduced to scores of amazing animals and exhibits. Then you’ll get inside the Meerkat enclosure for a very special encounter with these inquisitive beasts. Expect a bit of clambering, they do like to clamber.