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Zombie Battle London

Diseased zombie hordes have taken over a scientific facility in London and it’s up to you to put them in their place.


In this completely unique, kinetic experience, your team are trained to tackle these zombie perpetrators, then it’s out into the dark to find them and destroy them – before they get to you. In the first experience of its kind in London, you’ll be thrilled and chilled as the monsters approach.

If you’re searching for that completely original date experience or just want to try something you’ve never done before – this is it.


View From The Shard and Lunch for 2

Got an anniversary approaching? Or a big fancy date? Or need to impress your crusty old boss so you can get a big raise? This would be perfect!

Not only will you venture up Western Europe’s highest building (at the time of writing) and view phenomenal views over big old London town, you and your lovely pal will enjoy a delicious lunch at the unfortunately named Balls Brothers restaurant, that is just down the road!


Segway Rally For Two

With remarkable manoeuvrability, the mechanical marvel that is a Segway has taken the motorised world by storm.

Fun to ride and easy to manipulate, they are an upright two-wheeled scooter that are easy to master and fly along the ground. On our specially designed Segway rally course, you and a friend will battle it out to see who is the ultimate Segway racer.

After a full training session, you’ll try and few practice spins and then it’s off onto the track. You’ll soon get the hang of it – and then the competition is on!


Indulgent Escape For Two

Want that extra special gift for you and the one you love? Or have somebody close to you with a special anniversary approaching? We may have the perfect thing.

With this flexible Indulgence Escape – you get to choose from a massive array of four or five star establishments, dotted up and down the UK. There are grand country house and stylish city boutique hotels – all waiting to serve you. With one or two night breaks available, you can get away from it all in style.

With many of the venues featuring spas and other treatment centres, an indulgent, luxury stay is guaranteed.


Romantic Getaway

You know that you want to be romantic – you’re just not sure when and where. This could be the perfect thing for you.

How about the choice of over 70 ultra-romantic spots up and down this great country of ours. There are exciting city locations or relaxing country retreats – all wanting to give you clean sheets and towels. Many feature top-notch eating facilities (commonly known as restaurants) plus we’ll include champagne, flowers or chocolates to make things even more romantic.

And there’s a delicious breakfast waiting for you the next morning. Treat someone you care about to this indulgent romantic getaway.


Helicopter Experience For Two

Take to the skies with the greatest of ease with this unforgettable two-person helicopter ride.

You’ll see the countryside from a completely unique perspective as your whirlybird scoots you across a variety of UK locations. Once airborne, you’ll be in the expert hands of our pilot who, as well as driving, will provide commentary for the trip.

With so many amazing sights on offer, you’ll be crazy to forget your camera. You’ll definitely want mementoes of this great day out.


Zombie Boot Camp

You’ve read the stories and seen the reports. And they are all true! Zombie Boot Camp is an unforgettable experience.

Trained military personnel are on hand to teach you the basics of zombie hunt and destroy. You and your team mates will be kitted out then let loose on the compound, trying to smoke out the evil zombie infiltrators and vanquish them before they vanquish you.

It’s an experience like no other. Thrilling, frightening and totally exhilarating – dare you join Zombie Boot Camp?


Bannatyne's Luxury Pamper Day For Two

If someone you care about is suffering from the stresses and strains of modern life – why not indulge them with a spot of pampering.

With a wide range of fabulous Bannatyne’s establishments up and down the UK, a great day out pampering is never far away. A number of relaxing treatments and facilities are available for the two of you, with possibles such as Jacuzzis, steam rooms, massages and more.

You can even join in with an exercise class and sweat off all those worries.


Vineyard Tour For Two

If you have a wine connoisseur in your life, or just someone who loves the countryside, indulge them with this fascinating vineyard tour.

The two of you will go behind the scenes at one of the UK’s top vineyards and see the secrets of top-notch wine production. You’ll you’re the vines themselves and learn everything you wanted to know about the grape. And of course, you’ll get to sample the goods.

It’s a fascinating day out for anyone with a passing interest in things culinary or alcohol based. Take someone you care about on a vineyard tour.


Indoor Skydiving Experience (Extended)

Perhaps you like the idea of hurling yourself out of a plane next to someone you love – but haven’t quite got the gumption to go the whole hog.

This indoor skydiving experience is a great place to start and a fun activity to share with a friend. Using wind tunnel technology, you’ll be blasted into the air and experience ‘flying’ as the currents cause the two of you to float.

It’s exhilarating and you don’t have to leave the ground. And who knows, if you get a taste for it, the next step might be aerial skydiving!