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Zombie Battle London

The dead of East London have risen from their graves and they really, really want to eat off your face.


Fancy a bit of that? Of course you do! You’ve read the reports and seen the footage, our zombie experiences are second-to-none and this one takes place in London. Yes! All fancy London! So it must be good.

In a decommissioned nuclear bunker, something has gone very wrong with a group of people, their heads and their general gait. You need to kit-up and battle them face-to-face. Do you have the nerve? There’s only one way to find out.


Zombie Manor House

Try to picture the most fearful location to encounter hideous, undead monsters. Perhaps an abandoned Roller Disco? The Village of Ambridge? Disused gasworks?

LOCATION - Near Manchester

Forget about it. We have a place that collectively knocks all of those areas into an oversized cocked hat. In desolate northern English countryside sits an abandoned and very spooky Manor House which just happens to be dealing with a bit of a Zombie problem. And it’s up to you and your team to find them and flush them out.

Prepare yourself for the thrill-ride of your life as you enter Zombie Manor House and cross the threshold into mayhem.


Aston Martin Driving Experience

Relive those James Bond fantasies without having to dispose of a bald man with a scar and a cat or squeezing into some obscenely small trunks.

Here is every gearhead’s dream offered on a gravel plate at your pedal-to-the-metal feet. Go wild with style as you drive a classic Aston Martin at a load of locations up and down the UK.

A qualified instructor will tell you just how to handle this metal-clad beast and enjoy a truly amazing motorised experience.


Helicopter Experience For Two

Hop into a whirlybird just like a real life movie star or internet millionaire. And take someone with you, as this experience is for two!

No matter which bit of the UK you happen to inhabit (even Scotland) there is a helicopter nearby warming up, ready to take you and your companion 1000 feet upwards. And if it’s Movember you can try your celebrated Magnum PI impression. Everyone loves that.

Both of you are guaranteed a window seat as you glide over the countryside with your pilot pointing out amazing things around you.


Try a Tiger Moth

No longer must you repress those overbearing Tiger Moth flying dreams, your chance to enjoy this unique aviation experience is just a few clicks away.

You’ll be kitted out in classic goggles and flying jacket and then your qualified pilot will whip you up into the big blue yonder. In this iconic British bi-plane you’ll whistle through the skies like the Red Baron.

And as this is a dual control plane, if you get both the urge and the nod, you’ll be allowed to have a little fly yourself! It’s the perfect treat for any fan of sky-bound shenanigans.


African Cookery Class For One

Add another culinary string to your cookery bow by learning the basics of African cuisine from an expert.

Never! You scream, but yes, in this hands-on experience, the amazing, mouth-watering secrets of African cookery will be yours and then forever at your fingertips. Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Nigeria and elsewhere; all their tasties will be yours to conquer.

Impress your friends, dazzle your enemies and leave the kitchen in an incredibly exotic mess. Get out there and learn yourself some African cookery.


Sunday Lunch Jazz Cruise For Two

Float, feast and freak out to jazz! Indulge yourself with this relaxing, nautical adventure with a bit of tremendous music thrown in.

You’ll take the waters and drift along the River Thames (runner-up in the Most Outstanding River Newcomer at the 1997 River, Lake and Reservoir Awards). A sumptuous three-course roast dinner will be yours to devour and live jazz will delight your lugholes.

And it’s for two of you! You didn’t think you’d be sitting there alone did you? We wouldn’t do that to you. Take a friend, partner or that person you just met on the internet.


Dinner and Theatre Visit For Two

Need to conjure up an extra special night for a birthday, anniversary or parole hearing? Nothing says ‘butt loads of class’ like a West End show.

We’re offering you live theatre in London’s glittering theatre bit, with actors who are in front of your face and on a stage. A musical, a thriller, an adult pantomime; whatever you fancy we’re sure to have something to suit.

And you’ll be fed in a fashion roundly described as ‘fine’. A two course meal at one of London’s loveliest establishments awaits. And this whole thing is for the two of you!


Indoor Skydiving Experience (Extended)

Fancy skydiving but too lazy to get into a plane? You’ve come to the perfect place!

With indoor skydiving, you’ll get blown up rather than flung down. The latest in wind tunnel technology is utilized so you are shunted off the ground and fly like a bird or one of those mammals that can fly.

A great place to start if you have a hankering for parachuting but want to have a bit of a practice first. Or if you hate heights. Or pilots. There is nothing like it, so have a crack at indoor skydiving.


Water Jetpack Experience

The future is now! Well, not right now, unless you’re reading this while water jetpacking, which we really wouldn’t advise.

But as our spoiler alert spoiled, we are talking water jetpack. What’s that you proffer? It’s the latest in spurty technology, where you are powered into the air on a stream of H2O.

You’ll be like a total James Bond superspy, without the funny accent. If you’ve tried all the other extreme activities or just want to attempt something completely unique, you can’t get anything uniquer than Water Jetpacks!