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GIfts for Girls

Junior Taster Class at Pineapple Studios

Time to get your Louie on! Enter the realm of Mr Spence and learn some moves at the famous Pineapple Dance Studios.

With this intense taster experience, the budding Baryshnikov or Angelina in your life will get a three-hour crash course in singing dancing and drama. Then you can rush straight to those X Factor auditions!

Available for 5 to 17 year olds, expert tutors will guide them through the basics of all these artistic endeavours in a great atmosphere, rubbing shoulders with professionals.


Vampire Hunters

Got a Twilight fanatic at home and want to give them something different? You can’t get much more different than this!

It’s the UK’s first Vampire Hunters experience. Ideal for any potential Van Helsings you know. They will be trained by military professionals in the best way to sniff out and do battle with real live (sort of) Vampires that have infested the compound.

Then they take to the streets to find them and defeat them. It’s an unique, kinetic activity that won’t disappoint.


Zombie Battle London

Woke up feeling like a zombie this morning? We have the perfect thing to combat that!


Head to London and come face to face with actual zombies that have broken free from a secret government scientific facility. It’s up to you and your comrades to find them and annihilate them.

You’ll be fully trained in the best zombie bashing methods – then it’s out into the compound to seek out and savage the Living Dead, before they get you!


Silver Songmaker Pop Experience

Always fancied yourself as a bit of a Gaga? Or do you have a possible James Blunt at home?

Bring all those suppressed musical feelings to life with this day in an actual recording studio! We have professionals on board to make you sound amazing, no matter what backing track or musical style you select.

And after the session is over, you get to take your efforts home. Ideal for nurturing young talent or fulfilling an unrequited dream. Get in that studio and get singing!


Junior Aston Martin DB9 Driving Experience

Do you have a youngster at home with a hankering for speed? Get them behind the wheel of a classic supercar with this amazing Aston Martin experience.

Kids aged 12 to 16 can slip into the refined seats of the iconic Aston Martin DB9 – favoured by James Bond and the man who plays Mr Bean! Qualified instructors will tell them which buttons to push and give them a full showing of the ropes.

Then it’s out on the track for a few laps controlling this magnificent mechanical beast. Get them started driving early and in the best way possible.


Full Day Animation Workshop

Learn a new craft, discover the secrets of filmmaking and maybe start on a different career path!

On this in-depth, one-day course the techniques and methods surrounding animation will be shown to you by our team of experts. You’ll spend the whole day in the studio, seeing how various animation techniques are accomplished. Then you get to have a go!

You’ll design and build your own characters in modelling clay and then animate them in your own unique adventure. It’s open to all ages – so come along!


Meet The Meerkats Experience

If you have any budding Chris Packham’s or Michaela Strachan’s locked up at home, they’ll love this unique, up close and personal experience.

Meerkats! You may have seen them from afar at other zoological establishments, but this is your chance to get into their enclosure and interact with them. And don’t worry, they will interact, as they are as inquisitive as those commercials suggest.

Plus you’ll get to enjoy all the other amazing animal exhibits on offer at the wildlife park. This is the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life.


Indoor Skydiving Experience (Extended)

If you like the idea of skydiving, but you’re not quite ready yet, this is a great step towards the real thing.

Rather than starting very high up and suddenly coming down, you start at ground level and go up gradually. Using high-powered wind action, a blast of air floats you up so you can experience the sensation of skydiving while indoors.

There’s full instruction and help on hand. And who knows, after a stint indoor skydiving, you might just be ready for the real thing.