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1950s Style Pin-up Photoshoot

Obtain a wolf-whistle from even the sternest GI when you doll yourself up with this 1950’s glamour makeover and photoshoot.

No lady, you won’t have to jet off to Hollywood to be glammed up like a starlet, this is all going down in Northamptonshire – the tinsel town of the East Midlands! Professional glamour experts will transform you into a pin-up from the movies’ golden age.

Then, once delectably decked out like Mamie Van Doren or Greta Thyssen, you’ll be professionally photographed in a way you thought incapable! Shed those winter blues or summer doldrums with this amazing photoshoot.


Zombie Blitz 1940

Add a dash on panache to your utter terror, as you head back to 1940’s and delve beneath the tunnels below Waterloo Station.

What lurks there is a hideous experiment gone wrong, with German soldiers reanimated and fairly annoyed by the whole thing. You’ll need to avoid the nasty Nazis as you attempt to escape the horrors held within.


Dove Spa Sheer Bliss Package for 2

Relax, recoup and revitalize (but don’t renege) with this fabulous spa treatment package for two of you!

Yes, you will never be lonely in the spa ever again. Banish those isolated days being pampered, preened and pedicured all by yourself to the furthest reaches of your mind. Now you can take a pal along! And each of you will get an hour’s worth of treatments each..

Treat yourself to a new coat of polish for those tired mitts, succumb to the delights of a facial and have a tension-draining neck and shoulder massage. And did I mention it’s for two? I did? Great!


Cupcake, Whoopie Pie and Martini Workshop

Assuming you are human and conscious, we suspect you love cakes, booze and various combinations of the two.

In this enlightening culinary masterclass, you’ll be shown how to make not only the perfect cupcake, but a whole range of other delicious desserts. And you’ll shake up and serve a chocolate martini in a glass caked in its own luxury chocolate. It’s chocolate served in chocolate – that’s like... double chocolate! And you’ll get to take your creations home at the end! Just don’t eat them all on the bus.


Weekday Round the World Yacht Thrill

Go wet and wild with this unique experience as you enjoy the day on an around the world racing yacht.

These are some of the fastest, sturdiest crafts on the ocean and you’ll get to see how they work and what all the bits do. Or if that sounds a bit too exhausting, you can sit back and relax, while the crew does all the heavy lifting.

With a delicious lunch thrown in, there is no better boat-bound fun to be found. Now get on that yacht and have some fun!


View From The Shard and Lunch for 2

London will lie before you like some great big crazy quilt, as you head up to the observation tower of Western Europe’s highest building.

The Shard has arrived on the capital’s skyline and as far as I’m aware, isn’t going anywhere, so visit the very tippy-top of it for one of the best views of the city known as Old Smokey, Queensville and ‘That Place Next To Kent’. Plus you’ll get a slap-up lunch for you and your companion at a nearby swanky gaff!


Kensington Palace Experience For Two with Champagne Tea

Live out all those deeply nurtured Made in Chelsea fantasies as you see how the other half lives.

We want to send you and a companion deep into the beating heart of Kensington Palace and enjoy a right royal afternoon tea, plus a complimentary glass of Champers. Scones and booze, there is nothing classier than that.

And you’ll be free to tour the palace and see the current exhibitions on display. So set your bowler to an angle that can only be described as ‘jaunty’ and enjoy this privileged day out.


Butler at Your Service

What could classier than Bailey’s and a Prawn Ring? What if they were served to your guests with a real life butler!

Get the full Downton Abbey/Upstairs Downstairs/Call the Midwife experience by hiring a real butler to offer drinks, take coats and seat people at your dinner party or social soiree. And they will help you clean up afterwards.

Make a splash at your next big bash as you employ a butler for the evening’s festivities.