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Zombie Battle London

They’re back from the grave and they plan to misbehave. Batter a cadaver with our new London zombie battle experience.

What's worse than regular zombies? That’s right: COCKNEY ZOMBIES! Shuffling up the apple and pears [stairs] trying to eat your Michael Caines [um, brains].

Vanquish them with this exhilarating zombie experience in London town's fashionable North Greenwich district.


Zombie Manor House

Battle zombies in a remote manor house!

LOCATION - Near Manchester

You’ve heard of Downton Abbey? Well get ready for Downton scabby! Boom! Oh yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. You like that pun? Get ready, because we’re barely on the launch pad sister.

Manor houses tend to be the domain of divorced weekend dads desperate to win over the love of their ambiguous offspring in a craven attempt to get one over on the woman they used to love. But no more. How about a manor house crammed to the bladder with angry, vitriolic zombies?


Zombie Boot Camp

Use your brains and have an undead good time at this Zombie Bootcamp Experience!

You’ve tried Ghostbusting, you’ve tried Troll Hunting. But if you’re after some full-on frightening fun, enlist now to Zombie Bootcamp.

Groaning, shuffling, a horrible stench emanating from somewhere – visits to Grandma are never fun are they? Just kidding! We’re talking zombies who have overtaken vampires recently as the go to horror icon of choice.



The team that brought you Zombie Boot Camp have got their claws into something scarier: Wolfmen, the UK's first werewolf experience...

The lowly werewolf has been cruelly overlooked in recent years. Vampires are everywhere. Zombies have been cluttering up the place with rotting carcasses.

Even Batmen have had a look in, thanks to the popular movie franchise and Prince’s ‘Batdance’ topping the pop charts. Yet it’s been tumbleweeds for werewolves since Teen Wolf.


Tank Battle Paintballing

This experience combines conventional paintball with massive APC tanks for the ultimate combat game.

Armoured Personnel Carriers, otherwise known as colossal battle-ready tanks, are yours for the commanding in this extreme paintball experience

Instead of running into battle with no more than a pair of safety goggles and a badly fitting jumpsuit to protect you, this time you’ve got several tons of mechanised badassery to watch your back.


SWAT Training Experience

Learn what’s what in the world of SWAT, as you train and undergo a heart pounding army training experience.

If you’ve ever wanted to shout ‘go, go, go, go, go’ at a group of people and not look like a complete wally, why not try this amazing SWAT training experience?

In this unique, exhilarating day of action, you and your group will be called on to face a genuine battleground exercise, using all your wiles and training to fulfil your fictional mission with maximum efficiency.


Weekend Segway Rally For Two Special Offer

Enjoy a rally day the Segway way, take a pal and save 35%.

Despite that weird headgear you insist on wearing, with a Segway you’ll never be considered unbalanced. Take a friend on a crazy Segway rally and you’ll save a chunk of change.

You know Segways? Those crazy vertical scooters that all the movie stars ride to their premieres. They zip along at quite a clip, they’re pretty maneuverable and they are self-balancing. Which means they can balance themselves! How cool is that! Can you claim to be self-balancing? Not from what I’ve witnessed.

On you amazing Segway away day, you and a near companion will be given a full run-down on all things Segway, such as how they move and why. When you have grasped the basics, you and a group other eager enthusiasts will be taken out into the local area and grow in confidence with your two-wheeled motoring steed.


Ultimate Single Seater Experience at Silverstone

Drive at the British Grand Prix! Well - close enough!

If your mates are sick of you boasting about your superior - but hypothetical - F1 skills, now's the time to prove them wrong.

Driving these precision-engineered, lightweight and aerodynamic cars is the closest you'll ever get to the real thing! Silverstone is the most famous driving venue in the UK, and lapping the Stowe circuit is the ideal chance to show what you're made of. (Maybe you'll become a legend in your own local after all.)