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Go Karting Experience

Show your mates who is the daddy, in small vehicle terms, with this Go Karting experience
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17 Locations
  • Experience Go Kart racing.
  • Speed around the track at a choice of locations.
  • Take a few practice laps before the race.

Locations are an indication only and may be subject to change.

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The racetrack. Dawn. As the mist rises and silence descends, it’s time to fulfill your destiny: Go Karting.

You hate your friends. All of them. With their ‘pretty’ other halves and conventional, non-harrowing dental work. They’ve been keeping you down and pushing you around for too long. Time to redress the balance.

For generations brother has faced brother, wife has faced aunt, hairdresser has faced non-hairdresser on the ultimate field of battle. The Go Kart track. Now you can challenge your pals or simply head out for a solo run on a specially designed go karting track in a variety of UK locations.

You’ll look the picture in the full safety get-up. Helmet, leathers, gloves. And then you’ll choose your mechanical steed. But choose well my friend. The choice you make now could be all the difference between victory and being slightly slower when you go around the circuit.

But that cannot happen. This is it. You have to win. Feel the power of the Go Kart between the knees. Thrill as the track passes by inches from your bottom. And then savour the sweet taste of victory when the checkered flag is lowered and you mount the podium and spray yourself with champagne (in your mind).

A brilliant day out with your mates or a fun, thrilling experience by yourself – get yourself Go Karting and have a blast.
What happens on the day?
It changes depending where you are, but on the whole you will arrive at the track and receive full kart and safety instruction, before being kitted out in race suit, helmet and gloves. You might want to have your picture taken at this point. Then follows a series of practice laps to familiarise yourself with the course, before you take to the track to see how good you really are. And you will be good. As a guide you should expect to be at the venue for around two hours. ....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 10 months and is for one person. Age restrictions vary between locations, but generally the minimum age is around 16 years. Height restrictions vary between locations but generally the minimum height is around 5'0" and the maximum height is around 6'4". You should be in reasonable health. Please note the availability of the Kent Location is Monday to Friday only.