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Is there a business that needs rewarding or a special selection of corporate gifts that needs giving? We can promise you, we have ones you never even knew existed. Wonderful, amazing, bizarre things that no corporate gift can match.

You can send them high, with a trip up the Shard, an experience with a Water Jetpack or various flying offers. Send them fast with an adventure in an iconic supercar or in a fighter plane. Or send them over to the other side with one of our infamous zombie activities. Take a spin through our offerings and select one of our amazing corporate gift ideas.

Zombie Battle London

Imagine Ray Winstone as a Zombie, wearing a Pearly King outfit and Lambeth Walking towards you. Horrifying isn’t it?

Well, that just two-fifths as frightening as our Zombie Battle London actually is. The Cockney dead have risen form their graves and want your brains to go with their jellied eels. You and you comrades must hunt them, find them and dispatch them.

It’s thrilling, mind-bending and unforgettable – get on board the zombie bus and bash these blighters with your pals.


Introduction to Water Jetpack Experience in London

Don’t water down your business acumen, water up it! By which I mean use water to go up!

Anyone would love to receive this thrilling and unique moisture based experience, where powerful jets of water are attached to various parts of you, allowing a human to scoot along or jet upwards at speed usually reserved for rabbits or horses.

Total training is provided, training you can use elsewhere in life, as long as it involves ankle-based, water-powered, jet-pack style devices. Various celebs have taken to this ‘sport’, so you should try it too. What, do you think you’re better than celebrities? Because I can tell you now, you are not.


View From the Shard and Lunch for 2

Your office space may consist of a hole in the earth with some old towels covering it, but impress actual business types by sending them up a right proper office block.

It’s the tallest building in Western Europe, regularly provoking cries of ‘look how high up we are’, ‘I feel like a bat or bird’ and ‘I can see the Queen’s house’. It’s The Shard, with views that are amazing and a lift that’s really fast.

This experience sends two beautiful people right to the very top of it, followed by a super-swanky lunch with napkins and everything. (We cannot guarantee there will be napkins. If there are no napkins, contact us and we will try to send you some napkins).

Airkix Indoor Skydiving for 2

What goes up, must come down. Except in this case. Confused? You won’t be when you experience all the thrills of Indoor Skydiving.

Once we all had to suffer the tyranny of planes, parachutes and straps to enjoy the pursuit of skydiving. What is this, the Dark Ages? Thankfully, those ridiculous days are behind us with the thrilling development of the indoor variety.

Never again will you have to endure miserable rain, pointless sky-based conversation or smelly pilots. With Indoor Skydiving, you are completely indoors! Using powerful fans, you are blown up and can sample the delights of freefalling without going anywhere near a stupid cloud.


Extreme Supercar Driving Experience

Be near and actually drive some of the most amazing motor vehicles ever hewn from metal and leather, as you power around a closed circuit!

This is the ideal gift for any devoted Petrolhead, Gearnut or Saloon Jockey. Head to one of five astounding professional circuits and chauffeur some of the most iconic vehicles ever to arouse Jeremy Clarkson as quickly as the Lord intended (the cars, not the arousing).

You’ll be in control of the slinky Audi R8, the jowl-slathering Ferrari 360, the loin-adjusting Lamborghini Gallardo, the frequently James Bond fondled Aston Martin V8 Vantage and the miniscule but mighty Ariel Atom.


Treble Supercar Driving Experience

They say bad things come in three, but we’re here to tell you that bad-ass things come in three! Drive a trio of colossal supercars at a professional track.

Nothing says, ‘you are the ideal corporate partner for me and I love you’ like slotting them into three of the most amazing Supercars ever to slither their way off a showroom floor, like a starlet leaving the dancefloor of an exclusive St Tropez nightclub at dawn.

There are Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Audis and many more to choose from. And with a smattering of professional circuits all up and down this great Island Nation of ours, you are never going to be too far away from that car of your dreams.


Helicopter Flight Over London

Noting says business acumen like a flight in a bladed conveyance. And this one goes over London, where may EastEnders cast members reside!

You may not have your business chopper safely stowed on your helipad just yet. But anyone willing to trade, gambit or haggle with you is sure to be impressed by this helicopter jolly over the various buildings and car parks of London town.

Two complete human people can enter this ‘whirlybird’ and glide delicately over some of the world’s most notable landmarks, including the Wagamama in Soho, the river and the Wagamama in Covent Garden. They will revel in this unique, bird’s eye view of some country’s capital city.


Segway Rally For Two

Convince people once and for all that you are a well-balanced individual, no matter what that doctor says, by sending them on a glorious Segway Battle Rally.

By the great beard of Phill Jupitus, Segways are the funnest thing to ride and no mistake. These speedy, slightly vertical modern marvels, scoot along at quite a clip and it’s up to the rider to stay focused and upright as they race around a specially engineered course, trying to outwit their rival.

If you’ve seen the erotic French drama Blue is the Warmest Colour, then this is nothing like that. Except fun and not suitable for those under 18. Try a thoroughly unique mechanical challenge and battle on a Segway!


Fly Like a Fighter Pilot

Try some shizzles and giggles, just like your homeboy Biggles! Take to the air in a rather natty vintage fighter plane.

Make sure the Blitz spirit and the stiff upper moustache of the wartime years is fully indentured into your business model with this dazzling day flying an astonishing, authentic Bulldog aircraft. You’ll be dogfighting with the best of them, as our expert training pilot shows you various moves and maneuvers.

And you won’t be just looking on as they have all the fun. You’ll firmly grasp the joystick mantle yourself and try a number of rolls, dips and upsy-daisies. It is the ultimate avian thrill-ride for any flying fan.


Dove Spa Sheer Bliss Package for 2

Get a rub and a scrub, then it’s time for the pub! Treat a couple of people you vaguely respect with this trip to a swanky spa.

The rough and tumble of modern business can have an adverse effect on even the most formidable skin. Takeovers, accounts, team bonding, all can make your features appear craggy and convoluted, like one of those people Gok Wan deals with.

With this wildly luxurious pamper package for two, there are facials, massages and even manicures on offer. Everyone will leave the facility feeling bumptious, effervescent and glowing like a rave at 2AM on a Saturday.