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The Top Experiences for Groups

Sure, there is nothing more fun than staying in by yourself and tucking into one of the larger Herman Wouk’s while chugging bon-bons. And even though I said there was nothing more fun than that, do you know what’s more fun? Doing stuff in a great big group!

Whether it’s a birthday bash, anniversary jamboree, Easter celebration or just for flips and giggles, we’ve got a literal slew of amazing experiences for you and your cohorts. Zombie thrills, army spills, lovely spas and delicious cookery stuff is all waiting to be conquered by you and your mates.

Zombie Boot Camp

Think you and your mates have got the guts to face hideous mutant freaks? There’s only one way to find out: enter Zombie Boot Camp.

Find out exactly what your friends are made of (we suspect it’s crying and screams) by getting trained by our ex-military zombie bashing professionals and kitted out in the latest undead wrangling gear. Once you’ve been taught the best way to vanquish a zombie, you’ll be out vanquishing them.

Setting out in the small groups, you’ll need all the trust and belief in your pals to smoke out these fiendish monsters and dispatch them with total prejudice. Scary, exciting and gun-based, you’ll leave seeing a side to your mates you never knew existed.


Zombie Battle London

They’ve crawled out of the ground in old London Town! Take your mates to bash zombies, in a secret location.

Your board games night is fantastic and your annual Eurovision gathering is a hit. But if you know a gaggle of adventuresome types who have a hankering for some zombie annihilation, then this might be right up their scabby alley.

As you may have seen on TOWIE, in an underground nuclear bunker, the dead have risen from their graves and they’re not happy about it. It’s up to you and your cohorts to track them down and get them under control, after you’ve been fully trained in all aspects of undead wrangling, of course.


Zombie Shopping Mall

You know how you and your gang love shopping? This will ensure you never look at the mall the same way again. Bash zombies in a deserted precinct.

Just like the classier end of many zombie movies, we’ve uncovered a large, deserted retail space that is just teeming with the living dead. They’re sullying the concourses, they’re clogging up the piazzas and they’re committing something unholy near the lifts to the car park.

After getting fully trained in all areas of undead vanquishing, it’s up to you and your intrepid team to smoke out these vile monsters and dispatch them to Hades. You’ll need all your skill, bravery and survival instincts, plus a little help from your friends, to get out alive.


Zombie Manor House

Why not head out for a nice day in the country? With hideous consequences. Face zombies at a deserted manor house in the middle of nowhere.

If you are seeking some peace and quiet in England’s green and pleasant land, this is probably not for you. Instead, the rural landscape is littered with hideous beings who have somehow escaped death and have set up residence in this rather lovely, thoroughly ghastly deserted manor house

Trained by our team of professional zombie vanquishers, you and your cohorts will need to sniff out these undead monsters from the house’s many vestibules and make sure they are thoroughly and painfully dispatched.


Full Monty Tank Day

Time for some fun in a great big gun! There are all manner of military japes on offer for you and your chums in this amazing day.

If, like all of us, you’ve ever taken a mop, chair leg or family pet and pretended it was some form of armament and made gun noise with your mouth at high volume, this tank day might be exactly what you need. Bring along a swathe of like-minded cohorts and try this amazing range of army-based antics.

There’s SAS training in the woods, all sorts of guns to fire (including muskets!) and then a massive Chieftain Battle Tank to get inside and have a highly –armoured pootle about in. You might even get the chance to drive it over a car!


The Asylum

Do you have chums, pals, neighbours or well-wishers who think they have nerves of steel? They’ll have nerves of butter as they enter The Asylum.

This is a full, kinetic, terrifying horror adventure during which all manner of ghoulies and nasties will be all up in your grill and trying to eat various parts of you in a suitably spooky location. It’s up to you and your team to avoid them, capture them and get rid of them for the good of humanity.

Once trained up, there’ll be a number of missions to seek out and sedate these criminally insane lunatics who are running amok just for the heck of it. It’s up to you and your compadres to repress them with all the force at your disposal. Oh and it’s in the dark! Yargh!


Armed Bodyguard Training Experience

Get a thorough grounding in the shady world of personal protection with this completely unique, totally thrilling experience.

You might think of bodyguards as glorified bouncers, popping off to get their clients a Capri-Sun and standing about a lot. But there is much more to bodyguarding, and few get to see inside this murky world. You and your cohorts will be trained in some of the more exciting techniques.

You’ll be shown the basics of armed formation drills, close quarter battles, vehicle extraction techniques and much more, using a wealth of replica weapons and hand to hand combat procedures. Then these skills will be put to the test in a number of intense simulations.


Cocktail and Cupcake Experience for Two

Ever wanted to decipher the secrets of cake decoration? And drink booze while doing it? Great! Step this way…

If the Great British Bakeoff has got you and your pals salivating over floury aprons, precisely measured amounts of margarine and the tension associated with oven temperature, this is the experience for you. Master cake decorators will teach you various techniques to make cupcakes appear as lovely as possible.

As well as being shown how to pipe, ice and arrange, you’ll also receive a complimentary cocktail to help smooth things along. And you can take your creations home with you or scoff them on the spot!


Tank Battle Paintballing

You may have been paintballing, but never like this. Battle your pals on a fully rigged, paintball firing tank!

This is like paintballing on steroids! Except that steroids just make you increase muscle growth and don’t clad you in impenetrable steel and stick a great big gun on your head. You will be inside an actual tank and you will be firing things at another tank.

If you have a disagreement between friends that needs to be settled or possess a certain amount of frustration with those around you that needs to be worked out, there is no finer way then clambering inside these Armoured Personnel Carriers and engaging in a supreme battle royale.


Duty Calls Experience

You’ve got a big day ahead of you, full of pressure, shouting and flying debris. What better way to prepare than some combat training?

If you and the rest of your stags are used to facing each other down on the virtual, first person shooter battlefield, this would be perfect.

Take to our actual battle training zone and face insurgents and bad guys in simulated combat scenarios. Yes, just like a proper soldier man! It’s extreme, visceral and very exciting. Guns are fired, bombs go off and people will scream at you in a not nice way.

You’ll be trained by professional military personnel before being kitted out with battle gear and weaponry. After some training drills, you’ll face real war-like situations, that will push your bravery and gumption to the limits.