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Hen Party Experiences

Getting hitched means your life is sure to be decidedly different. So, celebrate those last hours of freedom by doing something so different, it might make your L-plates and angel wings drop off. We have some of the most earth-shattering, utterly unique, preposterously fun Hen events this side of Crazy Land.

Rather than bars and booze, what about some zombie capture or tanks or werewolves? You see, told you it was different. And if you fancy things a bit more sedate and sophisticated, we have chocolate and cocktail making workshops and luxury spa activities.

Rowhill Grange One Night Spa Escape for 2

Before your big day, pamper your troubles away! An amazing stay at an amazing spa could be yours.

Yes, you could get a gaggle of your friends, dress yourselves up in something fluorescent and head to a provincial location and camp out in the nearest Wetherspoon’s until everything is vague and blurry. But perhaps something more refined will launch you onto the road of matrimony.

You’ll be dispatched to the super swanky Rowhill Grange Spa in Kent to indulge yourself in their various bubbly and muddy treats. A luxury room will be yours for the sleeping in, there’s money off your dinner in the posh restaurant and a slap-up breakfast the next day. Gone on, you deserve it. And even if you don’t, you should go anyway.


Zombie Boot Camp

What better way to prepare for the stresses of matrimony than by running around battling filthy mutants!

You’ll be thrilled and terrified in equal measure as you and your teammates are drilled in all aspects of zombie eradication, before heading out onto our specially designed course. There you’ll sniff out these undead freak and bash them before they bash you!

And get ready, because these zombies are both sneaky and insanely jealous of those who are soon to be happily married. They realise that true love will never be on the cards for them, so act in an even more hideous manner to those about to be wed. Let’s hope you have the skills to vanquish these creatures of the night.


Cocktail and Cupcake Experience for Two

What are the best elements of any wedding? That’s right: cakes and booze! So why not get them involved in your pre-nuptial celebrations?

Have you ever looked upon a cupcake or other dessert and felt utterly lost and confused? How did it end up looking like that? Why is it that shape? Where does the smell come from? You and your pals can learn the secrets of the cupcake in this informative session of knowledge.

With a great swathe of blank cupcakes placed before you, our expert cookery masters will show your party the best way to decorate them, before you have a right old go yourselves. And a Cocoa Box cocktail will make all that education slip into your brain with ease. And you’ll get to take your creations home with you, or eat on the bus home!


Zombie Battle London

Yeah, you could head to London and hit the clubs, or head to London and hit our zombies with clubs!

If you have a hankering for a unique way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, how about heading to a disused nuclear bunker where an unscheduled chemical spillage has led to an insurgence of genetically damaged lunatics?

Great! But where do you and your cohorts come in? We need you to round them up and quell them before they escape and start biting bits out of the London populous. You’ll be kitted up and fully trained before heading out to face the zombie masses. Working as a team, you’ll need all your nerve and skill to survive.


Dove Spa Sheer Bliss Package for 2

Fancy treating your head bridesmaid, or even yourself, to a bit of luxury? Get violently pampered with this spa day for two!

We never want to hamper your pampering. We want to encourage your rubbing! With this special day, you can take another person that you like or tolerate (or, if you want to take more, get in touch with us to arrange) for a session of immense beautification at a classy Dove Spa somewhere in the country.

You’ll each get your choice of treatments that could include facials, massages, manicures and all that sort of thing. It might be possible to add even more astounding procedures by contacting the facility of your choice directly and asking them nicely. The perfect thing to ebb away those fearful pre-nuptial worries.


Zombie Shopping Mall

You’ll find out exactly who your best man or maid of honour is made of, as you bash undead beasts at a deserted shopping centre.

You’ve seen Don’t Tell the Bride, where a human gormlessly wanders around a shopping centre desperately trying to prepare for their doomed wedding. Now imagine all that, but rather than pensioners needing attention and screaming kids, there’s horrible zombies cluttering up the concourses.

You and your party need to smoke out the monsters from this deserted emporium, after learning a few neat skills from our zombie wrangling professionals. It’s fun, exhilarating and slightly terrifying. And you’ll be needing that honeymoon for much required reasons of recovery.


Cupcake, Whoopie Pie and Martini Workshop

You’ll probably spend your hen night eventually covered in chocolate and filled with booze anyway. Why not learn some skills at the same time!

Cakes! They are great! That is indisputable. But do you and your pals know how they tick? What they are made from? How they are named? What better way to celebrate the imminent disposal of your singledom than being taught how to make a variety of sweet things by experts.

You and your fellow hens will be shown how to bake, ice and decorate. Plus there’s booze! Lashings of booze. Or at least a cocktail with delicious chocolate in and around it. And if you are capable of carrying things at the end of the day, then you get to take your creations home with you, to either eat or hurl at your soon-to-be husband.


Zombie Manor House

Forget about birds and gamekeepers, the countryside is filthy with zombies and you need to tackle them with due haste.

Perhaps you’ve planned a lovely countryside retreat for your big day. Well, this will be nothing like that. Rather than wonderful vol-au-vents, entertaining musical acts and bouquet throwing, there will be running, screaming and general mutant abuse.

In a creepy old deserted manor house, you and your party will be taught the most effective way to tackle and contain zombies, before being let loose. Your mission will be to find and destroy them, their mission is to munch on various bits of you until no human being on the planet would agree to marry you.


Full Monty Tank Day

Whether you’re a bride or a groom, you’ll make something go boom! All sorts of military mayhem is on offer, including tank driving.

We don’t use the term ‘full monty’ lightly. In fact, we consider use of that term as some form of blood oath. And on this amazing day, you’ll have military stuff literally coming out of your ears, except not literally. You’ll be kitted out in all manner of army person gear before facing an amazing range of ballistic fun.

There’s SAS training in the woods, riding in troop carriers, firing various guns (including olde timey muskets) as well as facing other competitors in a crazed battle of insanity. And then, incredibly, you’ll be inside a 56-ton Chieftain Main Battle Tank and you might even drive it over a car!


The Asylum

You’d be crazy not to! Dare you enter our most terrifying horror experience and face the miseries of The Asylum?

You might think your upcoming nuptials are scary. Then what better way to make walking down the aisle feel like a stroll in the park than entering a dark, imposing former lunatic asylum full of criminally insane crazies who want to scare you and possibly make you their new monster playmate

You’ll be fully trained, and you’ll need that training, as these evil beasts are both completely crazed and also quite sly, especially when it comes to hiding in nooks and then leaping out to get you. It is up to you and your party to undertake various missions to search and destroy the mutants before they escape and perform unspeakable acts to passing cyclists.