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Stag Party Experiences

Make sure you have the most spectacular, bonkers, full-throttle, hair-raising stag party in the whole history of matrimony by choosing one of our unique and exhilarating experiences. We can assure you, that last bash before the big day will be something you will never forget.

Sure you could go regular paintballing, but why bother when we have paintballing IN TANKS! We’ve got zombies that need to be battled, Wolfmen that have to be thwarted and the secrets of bodyguard techniques that we can reveal to you.

Duty Calls Experience

You’ve got a big day ahead of you, full of pressure, shouting and flying debris. What better way to prepare than some combat training?

If you and the rest of your stags are used to facing each other down on the virtual, first person shooter battlefield, this would be perfect.

Take to our actual battle training zone and face insurgents and bad guys in simulated combat scenarios. Yes, just like a proper soldier man! It’s extreme, visceral and very exciting. Guns are fired, bombs go off and people will scream at you in a not nice way.

You’ll be trained by professional military personnel before being kitted out with battle gear and weaponry. After some training drills, you’ll face real war-like situations, that will push your bravery and gumption to the limits.


Zombie Shopping Mall

Time to see who really is your ‘best man’ as you battle undead horrors in a disused shopping centre.

It’s like a horror movie, video game or your worst nightmare come to life. Zombies have risen from the grave and they’ve settled in a shopping centre in Reading.

How does this affect you? Well, you and your loyal bunch of stags need to find, contain and eradicate them, before they do untold nasties on those around them. You will be trained by professional zombie wranglers, who will teach you the tricks of the trade.

Then it’s time to travel the spooky, eerie, abandoned concourses, escalators and Timpsons, attempting to find these evil monsters before they find you. And try to eat you. This utterly unique, kinetic, horrific experience is globally renowned and unlike anything you’ve done before.


Zombie Battle London

They’ve crawled out of the ground in old London Town! Take your mates to bash zombies, in a secret location.

Before you enter nuptial bliss, tick this off the bucket list! Head to London and partake in some Zombie wrangling.

Oh no! Something has gone particularly wrong at a disused nuclear facility in a fashionable part of South East London. Thankfully, you and your plucky pals are on hand to get kitted up, fully trained and sent out to stifle the disgusting undead scavengers who have popped up since the whole meltdown thing happened. In a hideous experimental bunker at an undisclosed location, you’ll be the only thing that stands between global annihilation and fully fledged paradise.

You and your cohorts will scour the rooms and shafts of the bunker, looking for mutants. But don’t worry, as the mutants will also be looking for you. Hopefully you can destroy them before your wedding party is seriously depleted and you have to completely rethink the seating plan.


Zombie Boot Camp

Never again face the embarrassment of dealing with a Zombie plague without preparation. You and your Stags will soon be fully trained Zombie bashers!

Let’s face it, what with glaciers melting, talent shows and Google Glass, the zombies are definitely coming.

Are you ready to save you and your new bride (and possibly her family) when the apocalypse descends? It’s a worry for any prospective groom. Thankfully we have the finest Zombie Annihilation Training Facility on the planet for you and your Stags to attend.

Trained military types will give you the full kit, then hardcore training in weapon control and manoeuvres. Then you’ll be out on the course, sniffing out live, undead Zombies, that you need to eradicate before they get you.


Zombie Boot Camp After Dark

What’s scarier than a great big complex full of zombie monsters? A great big complex of zombie monsters IN THE DARK!

If you want a Stag Event that you will never forget, and possibly need counselling for, then step right this way.

Our Zombie Boot Camp is renowned globally for its intensity and horror. Weird mutant freaks lurk in various nooks and crannies, waiting to leap out and feast on your flesh. In daylight it’s fairly harrowing. Under the cover of darkness it’s almost unbearable.

You and your party will be trained and drilled in legitimate military techniques, before heading out into the zombie darkness. You’ll need all your wiles, bravery and camaraderie to stay safe and not get munched upon. Unique and extreme, it’s not for the faint of heart.


The Asylum

Take a large gaggle of deranged criminal mutants, a big spooky building and darkness. What does it make? Just the best darn Stag Do ever.

In what is possibly our most unnerving and terrifying experience, we gathered together some the world’s most ravenous, hideous freaks and set them loose.

Unfortunately for you and your Stag Party, it’s up to you to round them up and control them. And sadly, they really don’t want to be controled. They want to do damage to your person and possibly eat bits of you. Which is simply rude.

You’ll be trained and kitted out, before embarking on a series of missions in an attempt to seek out and sedate these monsters. They enjoy lurking, skulking and leaping out unexpectedly, so you’ll need to man up or ship out.



If you think marriage is going to be scary, get a load of this. Vicious lupine beasts are on the prowl and only your Stag party can save all of us.

If you fancy something completely one-of-a-kind to celebrate your upcoming romantic shenanigans, you can’t get more one-of-a-kind than this.

Perhaps you’ve heard the legend of the werewolf? The creature that turns into a murderous blood thirsty beast every full moon and likes to snack on the likes of you? Well, they are on the loose and, for some reason, you need to get them under control.

More thrilling than paintball, more scary than making a Best Man’s speech, you’ll be trained, kitted up and sent out, with your brave band of cohorts, to locate and neutralise this hideous creature. But he won’t give up the fight easily.


Armed Bodyguard Training Experience

Protect and survive! Or flounder and perish. Learn the hand to hand basics of body protection and close combat skills.

Now we all know Stag Parties have a tendency to get a little rowdy. But probably nothing like this.

You and your mates will be delving into the murky and little seen world of professional bodyguarding. Preventing assassination, dealing with kidnap situations, finding and neutralising targets, this ain’t your typical Whitney Houston type of Bodyguard.

Instead, you’ll be learning techniques and manoeuvres that those in the protection business have been utilising for years. Then you’ll put your training to use in a series of high-octane simulated drills, involving room clearance, disarming your foe and vehicular pursuits.


Introduction to Water Jetpack Experience in London

Have your stag party be wet and wild! In a completely tasteful way of course. With this amazing water jetpack thrill!

As you contemplate your future, together with your new bride, actually get a taste of the future. The best bit of the future. Jetpacks!

But how can it be? Surely you would have been alerted if jetpack technology had been mastered? Well, I am alerting you. Using powerful jets of water attached to clever gizmos on your arms and legs, you are powerfully shot up into the air!

Imagine the fun as you witness the Best Man, Usher or Bride’s Father attempting to master this revolutionary, thrilling activity and getting well and truly soggy in the process. Scoot like a Mudskipper! Fly like a seagull! Have an absolute blast, as you surge into the air upon a Jetpack!


Go Karting Experience

Simple, classic and still the most fun on four wheels. What stag do would be complete without a BOUT OF GO-KARTING?

If you haven’t been karting for a while, things have changed. Things have also got seriously revved up and even more thrilling.

All your top Formula 1 types got their start on the karting track, zooming about in these suped-up wagons that can reach formidable speeds. And you and your fellow stags can take to the track and race each other within an inch of your lives.

After being shown how to get the most out of your trusty metallic steed and the circuit, you’ll be kitted out in racing gear and have a bit of a practice. Then it’s time trial battle time. Will the rest of the party let the groom win, out of pity? Or will it be a bitter fight for ultimate supremacy?