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Team Building Experiences

Come on, your team deserves better than a trip to Nando’s and a voucher for B&Q. If you are searching for some unique team building event ideas, you have come to the right place. With some of the crazy adventures we have selected for you, your team will be built, bonded and thoroughly satisfied.

We have all manner of corporate team building events from exhilarating zombie experiences and Wolfmen bashing. Try a bit of military training, hop inside a tank or learn the secrets of personal bodyguard protection. If you like your team building events with a dash of the bizarre, try any of our amazing enterprises.

Zombie Shopping Mall

Why not relax with a visit to a shopping centre – THAT’S FULL OF ZOMBIES! Do battle in our world famous Zombie Shopping Mall.

It’s been talked about and reported on all across this great planet of ours, so why not take your team to try out the infamous Zombie Shopping Mall for yourself? After being trained and drilled in the most expressive ways to tackle your hideous enemy, you’ll be let loose on the concourses and alcoves.

You’ll need help from all those around you as you face wave after wave of grim, scabby monster, lurking in Curry’s, Claire’s Accessories and even John Lewis. Don’t miss out on this spellbinding, remarkable adventure.


Full Monty Tank Day

There’s nothing to it as you mount the turret! Add a little military might to your team day out with this tremendous tank adventure.

Get your work colleagues thoroughly drilled into shape with this day of military style action. You’ll get a session of SAS style skills, deep in the woods, fire a baffling amount of weaponry and get inside an astonishing 56-ton Chieftain Main Battle Tank and possibly even drive it over a saloon car!

There will be a whole host of other army based adventures to embark upon and other missions to take part in. If you want your team excursion to be fun and explosive, sign up for a stint of Full Monty Tank action right now.



That crazy gang that created Zombie Boot Camp has something equally diabolical up their sleeves. Find, trap and control the legendary Wolfman.

There is something hairy going on at a secret, fortified location. And no, it’s nothing to do with Bill Oddie. A werewolf or wolves are running rampant and it’s up to you and your team to neutralize them.

You’ll be fully trained by professional werewolf wranglers and the split up into squadrons. Using all sorts of special things, such as trip-wires, booby traps and large caliber weapons, you’ll head out to capture this lupine menace in his lair. Your team will be bonded all right – with fear!


Zombie Boot Camp

Bond as a team, and then have a scream! Battle evil mutant filth and have a wonderful day all around.

You are your colleagues will be drilled in the finer points of zombie bashing by trained necromancing professionals, before being given your mission specs and sent out to complete your grave adventure as a team.

You’ll need all your wits about you and require total faith in that dude from accounts with the squint, or the receptionist lady, who seems to be scarily proficient with a machine gun. There is nothing like this unique, thrilling spectacle.


The Asylum

If you think zombies are for sissies and wolfmen are cute, you and your team might be perfect to enter: THE ASYLUM.

Could this be our most terrifying horror event? Depends I suppose. If you’re scared of Segways, then that might be worse. But this one is pretty bad. Legions of chemically damaged mutants are on the loose in a facility designed to put the wind up you.

You and your team will be kitted out in all the appropriate gear then trained by professionals. There will be three missions to face: clearance, capture and, finally, search and destroy. You will need all the bravery and nous of your colleagues to survive this diabolical enterprise.


Zombie Manor House

It’s the country retreat where you just might get eat…en! Try to find and eradicate these flesh guzzling mutants in this spooky, deserted building.

This is like the annual National Trust membership package…from hell! Take your colleagues to wage war against legions of evil, gnarled, reanimated filth in a terrifying abandoned manor house that may also have ghosts in it. And Frankensteins. At this point it could be anything nasty.

You’ll see exactly what your workmates are made of as you team up and search the spooky, dusty corridors, trying to get the zombies before they get you. Will you survive? Probably.


Zombie Battle London

Feel like taking your team to attack some undead monsters? Capital idea! Especially as this one is in London.

Deep before the earth in London’s fashionable North Greenwich district (right near the Dome) a hideous nuclear experiment means there are legions of disgusting mutant freaks, wandering about with their skin all floppy. You need to find, control and slaughter them.

And you’ll need all your fabulous work chums to help out of course! But into teams, you’ll be geared up and trained to seek and destroy your zombie foe in a series of thrilling missions.


Tank Battle Paintballing

If you need to release some pent up, worked-related tension, you can’t beat doing it in a tank! Two amazing APCs will do battle on the field of paintball combat.

Sure, you could go conventional paintballing with the goggles and the guns and the odd-smelling jumpsuits. Or you could well and truly kick it up a notch, by mounting an actual tank and battling a similar vehicle in a paint splattering battle royale.

After being trained in the intricacies of tank paintballing by our experts, you’ll get inside two specially rigged Armoured Personnel Carriers that will be piloted and navigated by you and your comrades. You’ll need all your nerve, skill and team-work to face your foe and defeat them.


Armed Bodyguard Training Experience

It’s a select few who are taught the tricks and techniques of professional person protection. But you are your workmates now have the chance.

With this unique and intense experience, those in the know will drill you and your team, ensuring that the expertise needed to save a VIP is revealed to you. This isn’t about pushing photographers and walking down the red carpet, but hand to hand combat, vehicle extraction techniques and armed formation drills.

You and the other desk jockeys will be shown instructional protection principles that few outside the industry ever encounter. Teamwork, bravery and lots of shouting will be needed to keep everyone safe and vanquish the bad guys.