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Hawk Walk in Derbyshire

You’ll finally be able to attract the birds, with this Hawk Walk in Derbyshire
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  • Learn how to handle hawks.
  • Spend time with the majestic bird of prey.
  • Take in a safety briefing and beginner training.

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Pigeons, chickens, the occasional budgie. You’ve had all sorts of birds land on you and they’ve all been rubbish. Get ready to meet the hawk.

On this unique day out, you’ll get up close and personal with a genuine bird of prey: the Harris Hawk. In the lovely Derbyshire countryside (featuring grass and everything) the trained hawk will swoop and flap and land on your gloved hand.

The glove is important. It’s not a fashion gesture a la Michael Jackson. The hawk has big tearing claws to rip the bits out of voles or what have you. You need a big protective glove to stop your eyes watering and making a noise like a vole having its bits ripped out.

A bird-handling expert will tell you how to avoid annoying the hawk. You don’t want to annoy a hawk. Annoy a starling by all means. What is it going to do? Squawk a bit and look hurt – if that. But annoy a hawk and nasty beak-related things will happen. But don’t worry, that can’t possibly happen, as the trained handler will be there at all times.

This could be one of your few opportunities to get so close to this amazing flying creature. Plus you’ll be able to stroll in gorgeous countryside. Who knows, perhaps you’ll see a bunny? Or a sheep? Or a ruddy man on a tractor? Anything is possible.

Don’t miss out on this unique, natural experience. Have a hawk land on your hand! They won’t be expecting that at the biscuit factory.
What happens on the day?
When you get to the hawk handling place, you will be met by your expert guide, who will give you a safety briefing before introducing you to a trained Harris Hawk. During your walk you will learn how to fly and handle a bird of prey, with the hawk soaring down to your gloved hand and flapping a bit. Your guide will be on hand to answer any questions you have about these majestic birds of prey or deal with any personal problems you may have. This experience lasts approximately one hour.....
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This voucher is valid for 10 months. Please wear outdoor clothing and wellies - everything else will be provided for you when you arrive.