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WWF Animal Adoption Gifts

Fancy adopting a tiger, a dolphin, a panda, a polar bear or an orang-utan, but don’t have a spare room? Adopt with Wish and you’ll get a miniature version of your preferred animal to keep: it won’t bite, and you don’t need to feed it.

Bonus! By purchasing an animal adoption pack from Wish, you’ll be supporting the vital work of the WWF. Each educational animal adoption gift pack comes complete with photos and information about your chosen creature, as well as a cuddly toy. Keep it for yourself or give it to a loved one to enjoy!


Q: Wow, animal adoption! Why should I do that?
A: This is a great way to help an animal you love! You’ll provide funds to go towards their conservation and upkeep.
Q: But for what animals?
A: All the great ones! Tiger, dolphins, pandas, polar bears or an orang-utan.
Q: They are all my favourites, what do I have to do?
A: Just select the animal or adoption pack you wish to go for and let us know. All the information about your new furry pal will be sent to you.
Q: Can I go and visit them?
A: It depends what sort of adoption you go for. If you decide to help an animal in the wild with our World Wildlife Fund adoption pack, then your money will be used for a specific conservation project in the animal’s homeland. Though you can also adopt an animal at the Paradise Animal Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire that includes two free entrances to the facility, so you can go and see the creature you’re adopting.
Q: What else do I get?
A: Again it depends on the variety of adoption, but you’ll usually receive a picture and information booklet about your beast, an adoption certificate and you may even get a cuddly version of them. Imagine that! A cuddly tiger in your own home. You’ll usually also get regular updates about your adoptees progress.
Q: Say I buy someone a monkey one and then find out they hate monkeys? Is that hopeless?
A: No, it’s easy, fast and painless to swop experience vouchers on our website, if you or them isn’t happy about something. They can either choose another animal or try something completely different.

Fun Facts

  • 1. There are one million ants for every human in the world. So you would think that their leader, Adam Ant, would have gathered his mighty army and taken over by now. What is he waiting for?
  • 2. A study into cattle identified that their moos sounded different in various parts of the country. I would like to say ‘pull the udder one’, but I’ll restrain myself.
  • 3. Elephants are scared of bees and flee when they hear the buzz of a bee swarm. So if you want to keep elephants out of your garden, get a bee hive.
  • 4. Sarpa salpa, known commonly as the Salema porgy, is a species of sea bream, which can cause hallucinations when eaten. So do boil in the bag cod fillets, if you leave them out for long enough (but don’t try that at home).
  • 5. Under each forearm, sea otters have a baggy pocket of loose skin in which they store their favourite rocks that they use to crack open molluscs and clams. So when you see an otter don’t forget to shout ‘Nerd! Rock collecting nerd!’
  • 6. Tickle the nape of a rat's neck and it will make lots of squeaking sounds, the rat equivalent of laughter. Which is odd as if you tickle the nape of my neck, I will immediately get in a sewer and eat cheese.
  • 7. Crows have been observed actually playing tricks on each other. Jackass and Punk’d are massive in the crow world.
  • 8. A group of pugs is called a grumble. Not a puggle? That seems like such a wasted opportunity.
  • 9. Leeches have a total of 300 tiny, razor-sharp teeth. One more reason to hate leeches.
  • 10. Humans and armadillos are the only two animals in the world that are known to contract the disease of leprosy. So you’re saying my suit of armour will not prevent me catching leprosy.