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Horse Experience Days

Learn to ride in style with a horsey experience from Wish. Our beginner two-hour horse ridding lesson takes place in the glorious surroundings of the New Forest National Park in Hampshire. There’s no better place to perfect your trot (let’s not gallop yet, it’s your first lesson after all).

If you prefer to leave the action to the kids, treat them to a wild wild day out learning all the skills they need to be a cowboy - or cowgirl! They’ll be served ranch burgers and taught how to lasso - so best to clear the mantelpiece when you get home.


Q: Me on a horse? You must be cream crackers!
A: Not a bit of it, this horse riding adventure is perfect for all, no matter if you’re an experienced horse-person, or you’re not even sure exactly what a horse is.
Q: I am in the latter category, they’re the ones under cowboys, right?
A: On most occasions, that is correct.
Q: So what do I do with this so-called ‘horse’?
A: You’ll meet your mount and then be fully introduced to them before you even attempt to sit on their back. Our expert instructors will make sure you’re completely happy and comfortable with everything before proceeding. Then you’ll be out having a bit of a ride on your horse.
Q: How long will me and my furry traction engine be together?
A: You’ll be riding for 90 minutes or so with the whole experience lasting 2 and a half hours.
Q: How exciteballs! Where will I be doing this? Around a car park connected to one of the better Pound Shop emporiums?
A: Oh no, you’ll be clip-clopping through the gorgeous surroundings of the New Forest, near New Milton in Hampshire. It will be both scenic and serene.
Q: Should I dress as a jockey, or a Lone Ranger or a Horse of the Year Show person?
A: That won’t help anyone. But you must wear long trousers and shoes or boots with a small heel. Flat soled shoes or trainers are not suitable.
Q: So can anyone have a crack at this, even me with every limb in a sling?
A: You need to be under 14 stone, for the sake of the horse. This experience isn’t suitable for pregnant women and if you have any medical conditions that you think might inhibit your fun, then contact us or the supplier.
Q: Can I be a little bitty baby?
A: Our horse riding experience is for those nine years old and under. We also have a fantastic Kids Cowboy experience at the same location for anyone four years old or over.
Q: What makes it ‘Cowboy’?
A: Not only will they learn basic horse riding skills in our arena, but they will also be shown how to lasso while probably waving a hat in the air and screaming yee-haw! Lunch and drinks are also provided.
Q: Can I do all this without leaving the house?
A: Not really, but if you care about animals you could try one of our WWF animal adoption packs, where you sponsor a beast of your choice and get a cuddly version in return.

Fun Facts

  • 1. It is extremely unlikely to see a while herd of horses lying down simultaneously, as at least one horse will stand as a lookout, ready to alert the others of any potential dangers. That’s why horses and meerkats are so similar, except horses are worse at selling insurance.
  • 2. Horses have a better sense of smell and hearing than humans. Their ears can turn in different directions to aid their hearing. Also a great way to impress lady horses when on a date.
  • 3. Mr. Ed, the talking horse star of the 1960s television series, learned an enormous amount of tricks for his role, including answering a telephone, opening doors, writing notes with a pencil, and unplugging a light. And talking, let’s not forget that.
  • 4. Any marking on a horse's forehead is called a star, even if it is not shaped like a star. And if it is shaped like a star, don’t call it a ‘star star’, as that’s just a timewaster.
  • 5. Asian nomads probably domesticated the first horses some 4,000 years ago. Before that they probably just made ‘clip-clop’ sounds with their mouth and jigged up and down a bit while on the plains.
  • 6. When first born, foals cannot eat grass because their legs are too long to reach the ground. I mean, their legs can reach the ground, otherwise they’d be hovering, which would be awesome.
  • 7. Horses can't burp, vomit or breathe through their mouths like humans do. Sometimes, on a nightbus, all three at once.
  • 8. The Horse belongs to the Equus Family, with ‘equus’ coming from the ancient Greek word meaning ‘quickness’. As in ‘Flipping equus, that was quick’.
  • 9. The world speed record for a horse is 43.2MPH, set by a four year old racehorse named Big Racket. The world record for slowest racehorse is anything that I back in the Grand National.
  • 10. Robert Louis Stevenson, in his ‘Travels with a Donkey’, claimed that the correct word to encourage a donkey to move faster is 'Proot!’ It also works with nightclub bouncers, though they tend to move towards you, while clenching their fists.