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Lion & Tiger Experience Days

Big is always better than small - especially when it comes to cats. No offence, Felix, but these big cat experiences provide a unique opportunity to come face to face with these exotic, powerful and gorgeous creatures.

At Paradise Park in Hertfordshire, you can enjoy a tour of the facilities and a tasty brunch in the Tiger Treetops area, overlooking the tiger enclosure. Take your love of fantastic felines one stage further and feed the big cats in their secure enclosure - if you dare! Allergic to our furry friends? Don’t worry: you can adopt a tiger from afar with the WWF!


Q: OK I’m guessing this is street slang for something, what is it a type of dance or bandana or something?
A: No my friend, these are real big cats, just waiting to meet your acquaintance.
Q: So what, I see them at a distance and wave at them vaguely?
A: No way! You get up close and personal with both lions and tigers and get the opportunity to feed these mighty beasts.
Q: Great, so they just give me the keys to the cage and tell me to get at it?
A: You’ll normally be chaperoned by a keeper who will explain any safety precautions and give you a mini tour of the enclosure. You’ll then have a chance to feed the animals face to face. You may have to handle raw meat or bones, you know the stuff lions eat, so if you’re buying this type of experience as a gift, make sure they’re happy to do this (if they’re not, you can swap the voucher).
Q: But what should I wear?
A: Probably best to bring along some old clothes, as you may get a bit mucky.
Q: How should I spend the rest of my lion feeding day, realising everything else will be an anti-climax?
A: At the location, Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire, your voucher also entitles you to entry into the rest of the site, so you can fully explore everything before and after your adventure.
Q: Great, so I’ll bring along my whole extended clan...
A: That’s fine, but be aware that the voucher just covers you, so anyone else will have to pay entry to the park.
Q: I think it will be funny to stick my young child in close proximity to a jungle cat, is that possible?
A: I’m afraid not, this experience is for anyone 16 years old and over.
Q: How about I just want to look at tigers and not necessarily throw meat at them?
A: Give our Tiger Brunch a go. You get a tour of the full enclosure and then a delicious brunch overlooking the tiger’s cage, so you can see what they get up to while eating a sandwich.
Q: Anything else that I need to know, like anything injection related?
A: As you will be close by wild animals, just check that you are up to date on your tetanus inoculations (this can be verified by your GP). If you have any concerns or thoughts about this or anything else, just contact us or the supplier.

Fun Facts

  • 1. A lion’s roar can be heard from as far as 5 miles away. Which is interesting as I can hear a Lion Bar wrapper opening from 6 miles away.
  • 2. A lion can sleep up to 20 hours a day. The other four hours are spent napping, snoozing and ‘closing my eyes for a minute’, I imagine.
  • 3. Even though the lion is sometimes referred to as the ‘king of the jungle’, it actually only lives in grasslands and plains. Though that is cooler than ‘king of the grasslands’ which sounds like someone who owns a particularly large garden centre, possibly in the Peterborough area.
  • 4. Most lions drink water daily if available, but can go four or five days without it, often obtaining moisture from the stomach contents of their prey. That probably explains why that one I saw really didn’t like being sprayed with a hose.
  • 5. The lion's worst enemy is the porcupine, as the lion tricked into sniffing the creature's sharp quills and often ends up with one or more stuck in its jaw for life. So shouldn’t that make the porcupine ‘King of the Jungle’? I think we need a rematch.
  • 6. The lion is the only member of the cat family with a tasselled tail, which is often used to signal to other members of the pride. And good for cleaning difficult to reach places, like the back of radiators, I would assume.
  • 7. Tigers scratch trees and use their urine to mark their territories. Their urine is said to smell strongly of buttered popcorn. And repeating that fact while at the cinema is a great way to get all the popcorn for yourself.
  • 8. Unlike almost all other big cats, tigers are adept swimmers, with at least one having been recorded as swimming almost 30km in a day. But can it pick a brick up off the bottom of the pool while wearing pyjamas? That is the sort of stuff that separates us from the beasts.
  • 9. Tigers cannot purr and show happiness by squinting or closing their eyes. So if you are in the vicinity of a tiger, don’t worry that you can’t hear it purring. Just worry about everything else.
  • 10. Tigers can leap distances of over 6m, and jump up to 5m vertically. Their muscular legs are so powerful that they can remain standing even when dead. So a good way to check if a standing tiger is alive is to give it a good kick up the backside. If it isn’t, you may witness the leaping distances I mentioned earlier.