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Meerkat Experience Days & Gifts

Whether you’re a fan of the natural world or mad about car insurance, you’re sure to have a soft spot for the meerkat. Trundle down to Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire and meet the resident meerkats (and their human servants) in their specially designed enclosure.

This wonderful experience day includes full access to the park and is just one of the Paradise vouchers available here at Wish. Have a look at our other animal categories for more great gifts and one-off experience days, and enjoy animal antics you’ll never forget. Don’t worry: delivery is free, anywhere in the UK.


Q: Wait, those delightful, furry jesters of the Savannah?
A: The very same, we have a ton of them waiting for your indulgence.
Q: This isn’t a load of those hand puppets from a well known Comparison ad? Which isn’t Go Compare?
A: No, these are completely real ones that you will meet.
Q: When you say meet, how close will I get to the beasts?
A: Well close. You’ll be in their enclosure and these inquisitive mammals are sure to want to clamber on you.
Q: So I probably shouldn’t wear my Hugo Boss then?
A: That’s not a great idea. You are advised to wear old clothes as the animals are likely to climb all over you, with their mucky paws.
Q: So where are these Meerkats? Hertfordshire?
A: Yes! They’re at the Paradise Wildlife Park, which has a vast amount of amazing creatures within its walls. Lions, tigers, birds... they’ve got the lot.
Q: That sounds nice, it will be great to see all of that someday?
A: No! You can see it all then, as your Meet the Meerkats voucher also includes entrance to the park. Feel free to explore before and after your furry fun.
Q: How many of my mates can I get in alongside me?
A:The voucher just covers you and your entrance, additional spectators are more than welcome, but they’ll have to pay a separate fee.
Q: And if I have a Meerkat obsessed child at home?
A: Then this would seem to be a pretty great gift for them. Minimum age for this experience is 10 years old.
Q: Any medical hoo-hah that should be brought to my attention?
A: It is probably worth checking that you are up to date on your tetanus inoculations, just because you’ll be up close and personal with wild animals. This can be verified by your GP.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Meerkats are members of the mongoose family and live in groups as large as 40, with everyone in the mob participating in gathering food, keeping a lookout for predators and babysitting. So meerkats are basically hippies, is that what you’re telling me? Because they never mention that on those wildlife shows.
  • 2. A sentry who senses danger will let out a high-pitched squeal, sending the other meerkats scrambling for cover. Comical meerkat sentries who constantly squeal ‘for a laugh’ are not popular members of the mob.
  • 3. If caught in the open by a predator, a meerkat will try to look fierce, lying on its back and showing its teeth and claws. Which is what I tried to do when I got caught sneaking in Alton Towers and I was still forcibly ejected.
  • 4. When burrowing, a meerkat can close its ears to keep out dust and dirt. Also handy when they are watching X Factor.
  • 5. Meerkats sometimes share burrows with venomous creatures and are immune to poison from snakes and scorpions. Whereas I am immune to the heavy metal bands Poison and Scorpions, meaning when someone plays their records in my presence, I hear nothing.
  • 6. Meerkats can run at a speed of up to 37 miles per hour. And yet when I pitched ‘Competitive Meerkat Racing’ to Channel 5, I was chased out of their offices with a broom.
  • 7. Meerkats cover a territory of about four square miles to hunt in each day. That’s nearly as far as from my house to the bus station! Though I’ve never seen one at the bus station, so I might need to check my facts.
  • 8. The dark patches around a meerkats’ eyes function as sunglasses, cutting down glare and enabling them to see long distances. And it means they save money if they go as The Lone Ranger to fancy dress parties.
  • 9. The origin of the name meerkat is almost impossible to trace, possibly deriving from the Sanskrit word ‘markata’ which means 'monkey'. I assumed it was because it was smaller than a cat. ‘Is that a cat?’ ‘Too small for a mere cat’. Etc.
  • 10. In certain African cultures, the meerkat is known at The Sun Angel, with people believing that the animals possess special powers to protect their cattle from 'the moon devil' or possibly even werewolves. In fact I could find no recorded instances of a man holding a meerkat being attacked by a werewolf, so it must be true.