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Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience Days

Clay Pigeon Shooting: Everything you need to know

Clay pigeon shooting is a great way to enjoy a day out with friends and learn a brand new sport.

Take a beginner course or develop your skills with our clay pigeon shooting experiences: we have something for every level of ability. Venues are available all over the country, and some venues even cater for kids from the age of 8.

(Check the terms and conditions on the voucher page if you’re planning on bringing children - some venues will impose different age limits.) Shooting clays is great for unwinding and relieving stress, so it’s ideal if you’re looking for an activity as part of a work’s do.

If you’re just looking for a fun day out, pick up a few vouchers and enjoy clay pigeon shooting as part of your hen or stag weekend: use the telephone number on the experience page to call and check that the date is available before you buy the voucher.

Each attendee will get all the equipment they need (including ear defenders and the all-important gun), full safety instruction, professional tuition and the chance to shoot at least 25 clays over the course of an hour, although more clays are provided at some locations.


Q: Have you met my brother in law?
A: I’m not sure? Should I?
Q: No, he’s terrible. But I would like to have something to hold over him. He’s always up to something while I’m consistently in the Garden Centre buying briquettes. What you got, bruv?
A: Why not try a dalliance with clay pigeon shooting?
Q: But is that not dangerous?
A: Nope, we wouldn’t subject you to it if it was. Everyone is supervised by experienced instructors, and you’ll be provided with all the necessary safety gear on the day. You’ll be handed a different gun depending on your gender and size. The pros are there to help you choose the right one.
Q: What will be my duration there?
A: Depending on which voucher you pick, you’ll be given around 25-50 clays with the option to purchase more on the day. As a guide, 50 clays is roughly equivalent to a session lasting one hour.
Q: What if it isn’t Monday to Friday?
A: Erm, you mean a weekend? Yes, most venues are open on Saturdays and Sundays. If you want a particular date for a group booking, contact our team and we’ll help you to arrange everything.
Q: I think my kid would look good holding a gun, what about that?
A: The minimum age for clay pigeon shooting changes depending on location and can be as young as 8 years old at some places. Have a look at the small print on the particular experience you’re thinking of, or call us if in doubt.
Q: Location you say? These places have locations?
A: Yes, we provide the clay pigeon shooting experience at a number of venues around the UK from Edinburgh to Dorset.
Q: Besides me, the instructor and those blasted clay pigeons, will there be anyone else around?
A: Possibly. You may be shooting in a group of people, or individually depending on the location. If this is an issue, just let us know when booking.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Clay pigeon shooting was also known as ‘Inanimate Bird Shooting’ in its early days. Now IBS has slightly different connotations.
  • 2. Much of the sport’s terminology still refers to its live bird shooting roots, with a target called a ‘bird’ and a hit referred to as a ‘kill’. Though if you make elaborate squawking noises while the ‘birds’ are in flight, the instructors get very annoyed.
  • 3. The breech-loading rifle was invented by a Scot, Captain Patrick Ferguson, around 1777. Before that I imagine people were firing cannons at pigeons, which must have been time-consuming and occasionally very messy.
  • 4. It is thought that gunpowder was invented in the 9th century in China, with the earliest record of a written formula appearing in an 11th century Song Dynasty text. Though I imagine the person who discovered its explosive qualities might have not have been in attendance.
  • 5. This word ‘gun’ may have derived from an Old Norse woman's name, Gunnhildr, which includes two words referring to battle. So their name was ‘Battle Battle’? That is a great name for a girl.
  • 6. The earliest depiction of a gunpowder weapon is an illustration of a fire-lance on a mid-12th century silk banner from Dunhuang. Fire Lance is also a pretty awesome name for a kid.
  • 7. At $820,000 the VO Falcon is thought to be the world’s most expensive sporting rifle. If you want to see you money go up in smoke, that’s a really good way of doing it.
  • 8. One famed clay pigeon shooter is Queen of Pop Madonna who reportedly, when living in Wiltshire, spent £20,000 on two shotguns from Purdey's, the suppliers to the Queen, Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh. Well, for a lady her age, she does have pretty great guns, it has to be said. It’s all that yoga.
  • 9. Twenty-times world champion George Digweed set a new world record in 2011 for shooting a clay pigeon, when he hit one at 130 yards. Wow, if I could shoot a target at that distance, I’d be just like George Digweed.
  • 10. ‘Sporting clays’ is a form of clay pigeon shooting, often described as ‘golf with a shotgun’ because a typical course includes from 10 to 15 different shooting stations laid out over natural terrain. Though ‘golf with a shotgun’ sounds like a pretty fun sport in itself. You’d certainly get the ball in the hole more often.