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Food & Drink: Everything you need to know

Our food and drink experiences are ideal for people who are hard to buy for, but you could always treat yourself if you want to be greedy!

Our chocolate hearts are ideal for Valentine’s Day, putting a delicious spin on the regular greetings card. If you love wine (or love someone who loves wine), how about a trip to a vineyard? We also have brewery experiences for real ale fans.

Take your love of premium booze to the limit with a tour of Vinopolis in the heart of London: this huge complex is a paradise for wine lovers. Some packages even include free tastings of the very best wines and spirits around, or visit for Sunday lunch and make the most of your tour with a delicious meal.

Budding chefs will love our cookery kits: choose the Season and Spice Kit, or choose the Curry Kit if you want to learn to make Indian food that’s even better than your favourite take-away - maybe!

You can even learn to make chocolates or sushi, or visit the Novelli Academy. If all this food causes you to put on a few pounds, don’t despair: our Champneys choco body wrap is just the thing.

On the menu


Q: Wait, food AND drink? What sort of sorcery is this?
A: Or should you say SAUCEry – am I right? Goodness, I am a regular Roy ‘Chunky’ Brown. This is where we keep all our food based experiences, which straddle a variety of different genres.
Q: Without risking another quip, what can I look forward to?
A: What CAN you look forward to (because some food comes in cans)? Everything from cookery lessons, delightful restaurant visits, afternoon teas, chocolate workshops, brewery tours, wine tasting, delicious foods sent to your home and things of that ilk.
Q: What sort of foods can I learn to make?
A: They run the culinary gamut from sushi to cupcakes. There’s African cookery, Indian cookery and a huge array of chocolate based workshops where you can become a fully fledged chocolatier.
Q: How long do the cookery lessons take? Because I’ve seen that Masterchef and that goes on for ages?
A: Most courses are either a morning or an afternoon session, so 2 to 4 hours, depending on what you are whipping up. But there can be more extended lessons.
Q: Do the things I make just get swept into the bin at the end?
A: Oh no, you usually get to take your creations home with you, which is especially exciting if you’re on the Green & Blacks chocolate making course. Nice!
Q: If I don’t fancy getting hot and sweaty in a steamy kitchen, are there other options?
A: Have someone cook for you! We have a staggering array of restaurant experiences. Combine your foodie fun with a river cruise down the Thames, or visit the West End and take in a show after you’ve chowed down. Head to Benihana or Throsby hall for a slap-up feast. Or enjoy Afternoon tea, at lots of historic locations all over the UK. You can even have lunch and then head up The Shard!
Q: And if it’s booze and booze alone that I’m after?
A: Not a problem! Try one of our many wine tour and tasting activities at Vinopolis, a veritable temple to plonk in the heart of London. Try some exceptional ales at our brewery tour in Oxfordshire. Or get a combo voucher and do both!
Q: But I want to experience things while keeping an eye on all my knick-knacks?
A: Great! Get one of our curry kits. Each month you’ll be sent easy to follow recipes, plus all the spices you will need already measured out and ready to go. And don’t worry, it all fits through the letterbox.
Q: What about, you know, those ones, the vegetarians or people with allergies?
A: Most venues and restaurants will be happy to cater for people with allergies, and almost any meal can be made vegetarian or vegan. Even sushi making classes can be adapted for veggies! You must let the operator know when you call to book your experience, though, so they have time to arrange something especially for you. This is particularly important for afternoon teas - you’ll normally be served a random mix of meat and cheese sandwiches if you don’t specify any dietary requirements.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Until the 16th Century, carrots weren’t orange, but usually purple and occasionally white. Dutch growers cultivated the more appetising orange ones we have today. Purple carrot indeed! Sounds like one of those progressive rock and roll outfits.
  • 2. The colour ‘orange’ is actually named after the fruit, rather than vice versa. Is it the same with all those paint colours? So the outside of an egg wasn’t called anything until ‘Eggshell White’ was invented?
  • 3. If you hold your nose apples, potatoes, and onions all taste the same. So I’ll assume that’s what everyone’s doing at my dinner parties.
  • 4. Lettuce is the only vegetable that is never sold in frozen, canned, processed, or cooked form. Though you can blend it into a thoroughly depressing milkshake for annoying children.
  • 5. A boiled egg is fully cooked if, when spun on a flat surface it spins with ease. If it wobbles it’s still raw. If it just sits there, it might be cheese.
  • 6. Honey is the only edible food that will never go bad. Unless you pour it on mackerel. That would be bead.
  • 7. Kopi Luwak, consisting of coffee beans that pass through the digestive system of the small cat-like mammal the Civet, is the most expensive coffee in the world. Is ‘Kopi Luwak’ the sound it makes during the process?
  • 8. The earliest archaeological evidence for soup dates back to 6000 BC, when hippopotamus soup was found. I imagine it was the size of the can that gave it away.
  • 9. Worcestershire sauce is made from dissolved anchovies. The fish are soaked in vinegar until they have completely melted, bones and all. What is it about melted anchovy bones that just screams ‘Worcestershire’?
  • 10. 14th Century English cookbook ‘The Forme of Cury’, features a dish called 'Loseyn', made up of sheets of pasta topped with cheese, which could be an early version of lasagne. One way to tell is to put it in front of a 14th Century Garfield and see if he eats it.

Food & Drink: the stats

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