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Brewery Tours

Pick up a voucher for one of our brewery tours, and you’ll soon be boring all your mates with the secrets of making fine real ale.

If you love wine, there’s no need to whine: our combined brewery and winery tour offers the best of both worlds. Most brewery tour experiences include a tour of the facilities and a tasting session (a.k.a. ‘free booze’), plus a visit to the on-site brewery shop.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get to taste some fine liqueurs too. Attendees must, obviously, be 18 or over for the experiences in this category. Sorry kids.


Q: I’ve often been told I would not be able to organise a certain event in a brewery and I’d like to prove my detractors wrong.
A: Oh, I’m sure that’s not true. Well, we have the brewery, if you have the organisational skills.
Q: There is only one word for that: swiggidy-sweet. Where is this darn brewery?
A: Thank you for keeping the language PG. Why, it is one of the country’s finest breweries nestling in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.
Q: So if this like work experience where I’ll learn various aspects of brewery bookkeeping?
A: Of course not! You’ll be shown around this fabulous sleek and modern brewery. You’ll marvel at the various machines that conspire to create your favourite delicious malty beverage, like some boozy Willy Wonka facility.
Q: Brilliant! I love pumps! So, I’ll get to see those, then it’s back to the bus stop?
A: Not a bit of it! We don’t want you just looking at the beer as it’s made and bottled. We want you to taste it too. After the tour there will be a thorough tasting, where you will learn how to identify different brews and make the most of your palette. Then there will be a cellar tour and the opportunity to buy some of your most relished beers to take home and enjoy at your hop-based leisure.
Q: And if I’ve left most of my wallet at Perfect Fried Chicken?
A: Because you’re a special human, you’ll get a discount at the shop. Won’t that be lovely and encouraging?
Q: How long will it seem like I’ve been there?
A: The tour lasts approximately two hours. After that you can spend time in the shop, if you wish.
Q: Oh I wish. But my diary is exceptionally action-packed, if not sure I can commit to a date right this second?
A: Not a problem my sweet lovely one. Just get your voucher now and pick a date later. All the details will be on the information we send you.
Q: Great, so I can get picked up at the crèche, then head straight over?
A: You do have to be 18 or over to take part in this one. Due to the booze involved.
Q: Oh wait, I didn’t mean beer, I was thinking of the wine one. What is it? Wine?
A: That’s fine, we offer a combined brewery and wine tasting experience that sounds like it would be perfect for you. Or a huge variety of wine tasting activities at the fabulous Vinopolis location in London if you prefer.

Fun Facts

  • 1. At the Wife Carrying World Championships, first prize each year is the wife's weight in beer. If they employed this policy at the Olympics, I, for one, would watch. Especially the Winter Olympics.
  • 2. The builders of the Great Pyramid of Giza were paid in beer. I’m guessing that’s the derivation of the word ‘drunken geezer’.
  • 3. Winston Churchill called the concept of prohibition ‘an affront to the whole history of mankind’. Which is a bit over the top, maybe he was wasted when he said it?
  • 4. Oktoberfest originally started in 1810 as a festival celebrating the marriage of Prince Ludwig. I will assume he married a serving wench carrying an unfeasibly large number of frothing tankards.
  • 5. Beer soup was a common breakfast food in Medieval Europe. So they had students in Medieval Europe?
  • 6. A beer-maker in Oregon has actually discovered a way to make beer from yeast collected from his own beard. Just because you discover something doesn’t mean you should do it.
  • 7. Hops, a main beer ingredient, is a member of the Cannabaceae family, which also includes, the marijuana plant. Which might be where the expression ‘hopped up on goof balls’ comes from.
  • 8. The Czech Republic consumes more beer than anywhere else, with the average person drinking 346 12-ounce bottles per year. Which is probably why they decided to change their name from Czechoslovakia.
  • 9. At 65 percent, Armageddon from Scotland’s Brewmeister is the world's strongest beer. And, after a sip, the world’s hardest to spell.