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Q: Me? Making African food? Did you see my Pavlova? It made the front page of the Metro...
A: Oh right, that was you. Don’t worry, it may sound daunting, but African cookery is super easy and massive fun once you’ve grasped the basics.
Q: But I don’t even know what a whisk is. I don’t, if you showed me one I’d probably try to have you arrested.
A: Don’t panic, you don’t have to be that man with no hair from Masterchef to have a crack at this. No experience is necessary.
Q: It said on Wikipedia that Africa’s quite big, do I make things from all of it?
A: There are a variety of particular courses to choose from, which focus on different cuisines in different parts of the continent. You can try East African Veggie Delights, hone in on Nigerian cuisine, have a bash at Tasty Tagines and then try Spicing Up Chicken.
Q: Do I do a bit of all of those?
A: Nope you pick one, they are on different dates.
Q: But I simply don’t know which one to go for?
A: Don’t break a sweat, you can purchase your voucher right now and decide what and when you want to cook at a later date. All the booking information will be included in the gumpf we send you. .
Q: Do I have to go anywhere specific to enjoy this? Or just hang around various street corners until something happens?
A: The course takes place at a Central London location.
Q: Can I be a child chef prodigy?
A: Actually you need to be 18 years old or over to take part in this course.
Q: Sensational! I’m allergic to everything circular, will I be in a bind?
A: Just let us know when you are booking if you have any dietary requirements, allergies or if you are vegetarian. We should be able to sort something out for you.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Biltong is the South African form of Jerky and is made from most any type of meat, even ostrich. It’s like a non-stop edition of I’m a Celebrity down there, which is a horrible thought.
  • 2. Coffee was first cultivated in Ethiopia. But what did people put in their Chai Soy Skinny Lattes before that?
  • 3. Miracle fruit is a tropical African plant which has a very unusual property. When the fruit is eaten, anything bitter or sour tastes sweet. Why isn’t Barry Scott shouting on the television about this right now?
  • 4. The world's leading producer of cloves is the island of Pemba, 30 miles off the east coast of Africa. So if you are visiting Pemba, brush up on your clove knowledge, or you’ll have nothing to talk about with the locals.
  • 5. Widely eaten in West Africa, Mafe is a rich stew made from peanuts, vegetables and meat. Peanuts improve any dish, I find. Except Chicken Satay, as then there are too many peanuts.
  • 6. Ethiopians eat exclusively with their right hands, using pieces of injera or flatbread to pick up bites of entrées and side dishes. And yet my invention for bread shaped cutlery failed pitifully. What’s wrong with people?
  • 7. Nile perch are one of the world's largest freshwater fish and a significant food source, reaching a maximum length of over six feet and weighing up to 440 lbs. Whereas Niles Perch is the name I act under. See me as ‘Angry Onlooker’ in the stage production of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ at the West Wittering Playhouse (many tickets still available).
  • 8. Jan Ellis pudding is a South African sponge dessert named after a famous rugby player, who claimed the sweet treat was his favourite. Though he wasn’t as good as Walls Vienetta, who was a hell of a prop forward.