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Curry Kits & Recipe Kits

If you love cooking, want to improve your skills or you need some new inspiration for fabulous family dishes, our curry kits are just what you need. Each kit is spread out over a series of monthly instalments: choose spicy seasonings or classic curries, all delivered to your door in attractive gift packs.

You’ll receive recipe cards, ingredients and information to re-create all the wonderful dishes at home. The kits are designed for all abilities and all the seasonings are carefully packed so they’re wonderfully fresh when they arrive. Just activate your subscription and await your first spicy instalment.


Q: I’ve heard of Kit Curry, the famous racecar driver, but what’s a curry kit? His name reversed?
A: It is but it’s also this great way to expand your culinary knowledge and make amazing meals.
Q: But for how so?
A: If you enter our Curry kit enterprise, Indian food recipes, plus the spices needed to make those meals delicious, will be sent directly to your house.
Q: How long will that go on for?
A: You get a new recipe every month and there are three and six month subscription periods.
Q: But how this meal going to get into my house?
A: Don’t worry, everything that is part of the kit can easily fit through your letterbox.
Q: So what will I be making?
A: There will be a variety of main and side dishes. All the spices will be weighed out for you and ready to use along with the easy to follow instructions.
Q: So it won’t just be a curry in a Jiffy bag?
A: Nope, there will be all sorts of exotic dishes like the Madras, Dhansak and Dopiaza and familiar side dishes such as Bombay Potatoes, Gobi Aloo and Tarka Dahl. There will be options such as Discover (for more far-flung fare), Favourites and Vegetarian.
Q: But what if I get jealous of everyone else’s?
A: You’ll be able to see on the website each month what’s coming up and you change your box if there’s something that looks more tasty to you.
Q: And this is all just for me, right?
A: The recipe should be enough to feed four people.
Q: And have I started doing it, right now, just by reading this information?
A: No, when you purchase your voucher, it’s valid for ten months. You can activate your subscription at any time in those ten months. Just make sure you activate it before your voucher expires.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Curry first appeared on a menu at a Coffee House in Norris Street, Haymarket in 1773. Which must have been quite confusing. As it was a coffee house.
  • 2. The biggest biryani ever made weighed a whopping 13 tons, created in New Delhi in 2008. Imagine the size of the foil container they’d have to use to house it in?
  • 3. The world’s tallest poppadom tower stands at a massive 282, set by a chef from the Jali Indian Restaurant in Blackpool. It is the second most impressive tower in Blackpool, the first being that amazing game of Jenga I played while on holiday there in 1998.
  • 4. The Bhut Jolokia Chilli Pepper, also known as the Ghost Chilli is the hottest pepper in the world and is grown in the Indian states of Assam, Nagaland and Manipur. I don’t know if it’s where the Red Hot Chili Peppers got their name from – Flea won’t return my emails to confirm.
  • 5. The first fashionable Indian restaurant opened in 1927 when Edward Palmer opened Veeraswamy's in London's Regent Street where it still serves people today. Not the same people I hope, that would be terrible service.
  • 6. Chicken Tikka Masala was named the ‘national dish of Britain’ after a poll by Gallup. Its invention is claimed by descendents of Sultan Ahmed Ansari who owned The Taj Mahal curry house in Glasgow in the 1950's. Though as it was the 50’s it was known as Chicken Skiffle Masala.
  • 7. If your mouth burning from a hot curry, don't reach for water as the heat is caused by capsaicin in the chillies and can only counteracted by products such as milk or lassi. Which is why I always bring in a McDonald’s milkshake when I go for a curry and why I’m always asked to leave immediately.
  • 8. The largest naan bread ever made was 10ft long and 4ft wide. Created in Cannock in 2010, the naan was the equivalent of 167 normal sized naan breads. So if I ordered 168 naans from my local takeaway and glued them together, I could be in the record books? If only for ‘Most annoying Call to Indian Restaurant’.