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Eating Out & Restaurant Experience Days & Gifts

Love eating? Hate cooking? Purchase a voucher from Wish and choose from a range of dining and entertainment experiences. For posh nosh and first-class nibbles, pick up a voucher for a delectable three course dinner with a chum.

If you’re looking to make a night of it, take your pal to dinner and a hit West End show, or cruise down the Thames and round off with a ride on the London Eye. For the ultimate dining experience, take your seats on a classic Orient-Express British Pullman steam train and enjoy fine food, wonderful service and incredible views.


Q: I am SO TIRED of eating in my stupid house. It’s like I’m being punished by the universe for some unseen indiscretion.
A: Then how about eating out?
Q: Out where?
A: Lots of places. We have amazing culinary escapades as a huge variety of locations. Try a three course dinner at Thoresby Hall, watch the chef-flinging delights of Benihana or enjoy a staggering amount of destinations for our afternoon teas.
Q: But what if I want to eat something old and wench derived.
A: Try our remarkable Medieval banquet in old London Town, where flagons are sure to be involved, plus a four-course menu and a show!
Q: I like the sound of the show, but not one from the Dark Ages, what else you got?
A: How about a theatre break? Not only will you get a delicious meal at a top London eatery, you’ll also see a play or musical afterwards. You could even stay at a super swanky hotel as well.
Q: Is there any way to make the whole thing more nautical?
A: Yes! Try one of our excellent Thames dinner cruises. We have ones with jazz, ones with showtunes and all with sensational grub and lovely views to boot.
Q: I have friends who like to eat that this may be suitable for, but I don’t know when they’ll be hungry?
A: Not to fret, just purchase your voucher now and then you can book a date and things like that once it’s arrived.
Q: And I think one of them might be allergic to napkins, should I leave them a threatening note?
A: Please don’t do that. Any allergies, dietary requirements can be sorted out, Just let us know when you book the experience.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The concept of selling food goes back to ancient civilizations, including ancient Rome and China, where street vendors sold bread and wine. So why did my chain of ‘Wine in a Bap’ cafes fail so miserably?
  • 2. Bawabet Dimashq Restaurant in Syria has 6,014 seats and is the largest in the world. If you are seated far from the kitchen, your food can actually evolve into another life-form before it reaches the table.
  • 3. Botin Restaurant in Madrid, opened in 1725, claims to be world’s oldest operating restaurant, though Stiftskeller St. Peter in Austria, opened in 803 and Zum Franziskaner in Sweden, open since 1421, also claim the title. And all three are using the same packet of baking powder they found when they opened the place.
  • 4. In the 1960s, McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc introduced the ‘hula burger’ featuring a sesame seed bun, and a grilled pineapple ring topped with a slice of American cheese. No wonder that place has done so badly since.
  • 5. Americans spend around $8 billion dining out on Valentine’s Day. Or you could do what I do and make your special ‘Chocolate Smothered Bull Heart’ every Valentine’s day and ensure you’re single every February. And beyond.
  • 6. There are enough restaurants in Manhattan for one person to eat out every night for 54 years and never visit the same place twice. Imagine all the sachets of pre-moistened towellettes you’d get. Almost sounds worth it.
  • 7. In 1900 the tyre manufacturers André and Édouard Michelin published the first edition of their guide for French motorists. In 1936 the criteria for the three starred rankings for eateries was included. I don’t understand why restaurants are so happy to get one star? The film Run For Your Wife with Danny Dyer got one star and that was terrible.
  • 8. Tom's Restaurant in New York was the locale that inspired Suzanne Vega's 1987 song ‘Tom's Diner’ and its exterior was used for Monk's Café in Seinfeld. Though not as impressive as the ‘I Will Survive Chicken Palace’ at the end of my road, which I assume was the inspiration for the song.
  • 9. Actor Alec Baldwin worked as a busboy at the famous disco, Studio 54 in the 1970’s. I don’t know if ‘busboy’ had a different definition in that environment and I’m a little scared to find out.
  • 10. A ‘trencherman’ is one devoted to eating and drinking, often to excess. A trencher was originally a piece of stale bread, used as a plate. It could also be applied to someone who was devoted to trenches I suppose. Like the Time Team gang.