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Vinopolis Wine Tasting: Offers & Tickets for Vinopolis, London Bridge, SE1

Vinopolis Experiences: Everything you need to know

If you love wine, you’ll love Vinopolis! This huge wine warehouse in the heart of London is stuffed to the ceiling full of fine wines and lip-smacking spirits.

It’s a Nirvana of posh booze, and you can stroll around pointing at them - brilliant. Choose to take the tour alone or with a pal, or combine your tour with something even more special like a Sunday roast dinner. We offer a few different Vinopolis tours.

The Grapevine session includes a quick wine tasting sesh, six wines to sniff and slosh, a Bombay Sapphire cocktail and a tasting notebook (handy if you want to write down your address in case you forget it later). Upgrade to our Vineyard tour and you’ll also get two rum and two posh wine tastings. Go for the Spirit of Vinopolis tour and get two whisky tastings, two beer tastings and two absinthe tastings.

For the ultimate Full Monty of Plonk, top up your glass with a Celebration session: you’ll get a Champagne tasting to round off your boozy do. All tours can be booked for one or two people, except the Sunday Roast deal which is only available for two people. On a Sunday.

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Q: I’ve heard of Special Branch, but Vino-police?
A: No, you crazy wonderful fool. Not Vino-police, but Vinopolis!
Q: Is that an actually city... OF WINE!
A: There is no need to shout. It’s not quite a city, but it’s pretty big. An enormous complex devoted to wine and other boozy delights. You can buy wine there, you can eat there, you can have tasting lessons there and you can even have a party there!
Q: So why are you rubbing this in my face?
A: Because we want you along there to try a variety of wine tasting experiences we have to offer.
Q: Solo?
A: If you prefer or take along a friend, as we having tastings for two too.
Q: So do I just go along, whip out my corkscrew and get at it?
A: For most of these experiences, you’ll be given a certain number of drinks vouchers and then tour the two acre complex and have a sample of ones you fancy. There may also be some champagne to dabble with. There will usually be a wine tasting lesson also, so you can finally find out why all those people sniff the glass then spit in a bucket.
Q: My Sat-Nav is drawn on, how will I get there?
A: Vinopolis is in the very beating heart of London town and is easily accessible from London Bridge tube and rail stations. It’s close to the bustling Borough Market, the Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern.
Q: For medical reasons (and judicial) I can’t stand behind people, will I have to queue?
A: It’s a pretty popular gaff and it can be busy. For the best experience, try to visit off-peak. If you want to avoid the crowds, Vinopolis recommend visiting between 2pm and 5pm on Thursday or Friday, or any time on Sunday.
Q: What can stop me taking the plunge?
A: There are weight and age restrictions with this sort of activity, so take a close look at the small print on the bungee adventure you decide to embark on. There are also a variety of medical conditions that may stop you taking part. If you have any concerns, just ask us or the supplier.
Q: I tend to start with wine and then move on, can I taste things that aren’t included in my voucher?
A: It would be a scandal if you couldn’t. Vinopolis allow you to buy top-up tickets for extra tastings. Ask a member of staff on the Wine Tour, or visit the Ticket Desk when you arrive.
Q: I’m actually 7 but can pass for 5, is that a problem?
A: Yes, unfortunately we can’t provide Vinopolis vouchers if you’re under 18. Note that Vinopolis allows you to take under-16s along for free, but young kids aren’t allowed to attend the tasting sessions, so it would be best to invest in a babysitter to get the most from your day.

Fun Facts

  • 1. In ancient Greece, a dinner host would take the first sip of wine to assure guests that the wine wasn’t poisoned, hence the phrase ‘drinking to one’s health’. I use the same technique with boxes of doughnuts – always check them all in case they are tainted.
  • 2.Toasting began in ancient Rome when a piece of toasted bread was dropped into each wine glass to reduce excessive acidity. And it gave me a million dollar idea for my new breakfast treat: wine on toast!
  • 3. In the whole of the Old Testament, only the Book of Jonah has no reference to wine. So if you’re not tucking into a wine box right now, you’re basically a heathen.
  • 4. The oldest bottle of wine dates back to 325AD and was found inside a Roman sarcophagus in Germany. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a bottle of Blue Nun at the back of my fridge that’s older than that.
  • 5. After the release of the 2004 film Sideways, sales of Merlot which was mocked in the movie, dropped 2% while Pinot Noir sales increased 16% in the United States. My suggestion of rebranding it ‘Super Awesome Boogie Juice’ was not heeded.
  • 6. When Tutankhamen’s tomb was opened in 1922, the wine jars buried with him were labelled with the year, the winemaker’s name and comments such as ‘very good wine’. How did they do that in hieroglyphics? Was it a picture of some grapes and then a Pharaoh’s thumbs up?
  • 7. The first wine made from grapes was produced in Bronze Age Georgia and Iran around 6000BC, although rice wine was already being made in China. Now is that true or are you talking saké?
  • 8. The dark green wine bottle invented by Englishman Sir Kenelm Digby. I imagine it really helped in the launching of new ships, as previously dignitaries just used to chuck handfuls of vino at the boat.
  • 9. Charles Gordon Maynard wanted to create a sweet that could be savoured like a fine wine, so created the Wine Gum which was first released in 1909. The first school kid pretending to be drunk after eating too many occurred around the same time.
  • 10. Celebrity winemakers include Cliff Richard, Dan Aykroyd, Sting, Drew Barrymore, adult film star Savanna Samson and lead singer of Black Metal band Satyricon, Satyr. Celebrities who don’t make wine but should include Jeremy Vine, Phillip Glass and Grape Fiennes.